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Nasturtium is a small herb, so it is well suited to living in pots. In fact, different varieties are often planted together in the same planter to have, in a small space, flowers of different colors. So there is no need to ask whether or not it is possible to keep it in a container during its life, but rather how to take care of it.

And fortunately, it is a very grateful plant, very easy to maintain and that also produces many flowers almost without receiving any care. But how to make it pretty? For this, we will tell you what are the care of the potted nasturtium.

Nasturtium blooms in spring

How do you care for potted nasturtium? This is a fast growing plant, to the point that it flowers just a few weeks after sowing its seeds. Likewise, it must be said that she is very grateful, since that does not need specific or complicated care to be okay.

Therefore, I consider that it is perfect for those who do not have much experience caring for plantsregardless of their age, since both the flowers and the leaves are edible (although it is important to know that the leaves are a little more bitter and pungent than the flowers).

And with that said, let’s see what care you need:

Where to put it?

La capuchina it is an herb requires direct sun to grow. So it will be kept outdoors, since at home it would not have enough light and its stems would etiolate, that is, they would stretch and the plant would surely not bloom, or it would be very difficult for it to do so.

Likewise, it is important that it stays a little away from those plants that can shade it at some pointsuch as trees, palms or bushes.

What pot do you need?

The truth is that Any pot that is not too big will do.. The nasturtium is relatively small, whose adult dimensions are as follows: 30 centimeters high by about 20 centimeters wide, more or less. It often happens that, as it grows, it becomes a bit hanging or creeping, but don’t worry: its roots are not invasive, but they are quite tender, so there is no chance of them breaking the pot.

But the question is, how should this container be: plastic, clay? Well, it depends on your tastes and budget. It can even be ceramic if you want. what yes it is important that it has a hole in its base Well, if there is something that our protagonist does not tolerate, it is the excess of water in her roots.

What land to put?

Potted nasturtium needs sun

The nasturtium requires a fertile and light soil, but if irrigation is controlled, will serve the universal substrate of practically any brand: No products found.Flower, weedness, Boom Nutrients, etc. If you want one, click on the brand and you will be able to receive it after a few days.

Other alternatives are mulch, coconut fiber, or black peat mixed with a little perlite. I do not recommend putting soil from the gardensince this will surely have seeds of other herbs that will germinate as soon as you start watering your nasturtium.

How often to water the potted nasturtium?

Irrigation will be done more or less frequently depending on temperatures and rainfall, since during the hottest season of the year the land dries much faster than during the rainiest. For all this, it is important that it is watered several times a week during the summer months, and a little less the rest of the seasons.

We have to pour water into the soil, although we can also wet the plant if it is not blooming yet and if it is watered at sunset, when the sun no longer hits it directly.

Should it be paid?

The nasturtium grows in a pot

It is very interesting to pay it in spring and summercoinciding with flowering. But if we take into account that its flowers attract several pollinating insects, it will be advisable to use fertilizers of organic origin such as earthworm humus or guano so as not to endanger these animals. Likewise, they must be liquid fertilizers so that the roots can absorb them faster.

And of course, even if they are natural, instructions for use must be followedsince otherwise we would put the life of the nasturtium at risk.

When should it be transplanted?

Transplant It will be done only in the event that it is a plant that you want to go from seedling to a pot, or if it is a plant that we have just bought. In the first case, it must be done so that it continues to grow as soon as we see that the roots come out of the holes, or if they are growing very close to said holes.

And we should also do it if we have bought one with flowers, for the same reason. The transplant will be done in springalthough it can also be done in early summer.

Nasturtium pests

It is very susceptible to attack by aphidswhich feed on the sap. You can eliminate them by cleaning the leaves and stems with water, but afterwards it is advisable to treat it with diatomaceous earth of which we leave you a video:

In addition, you must protect it from snails. In fact, what is often done is to plant many nasturtiums in the orchards so that these animals leave the other plants alone. Therefore, it is very, very important to preventive treatments against snails, like putting chopped egg shells around.

We hope you enjoy your potted nasturtium.

Potted nasturtium care | Gardening On

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