Fruit thinning on fruit trees

For those who do not know this term, fruit thinning is a task that is done with fruit trees, to unload the fruits to obtain larger ones instead of very small fruits. This task is done with the aim that the fruits reach a larger size and is essential in many fruit trees such as pear, apple, and plum.

Generally, the trees themselves produce a natural fall of their fruit, but we, garden owners, can also make the fruit fall from the tree, a process called fruit thinning. To carry out this thinning it is important that you remove all the fruits that have any defect, that have marks, spots, deformities, that have been pecked by birds, etc. In the same way, it is important that you remove all the fruits that are smaller than the rest.

With thinning, in addition to getting the fruits to grow a little more, you will also be able to achieve a uniform distribution of them, without leaving empty areas of the tree or others with many fruits. Remember that the final parts of each branch must also be clarified so that they do not bend and end up breaking with the weight. It is important that you bear in mind that the distance between the fruits should be more or less 20 centimeters so that they do not touch each other and can develop to the maximum.

In the same way, you must bear in mind that, the time to perform fruit thinning may vary according to the species we have, for example in late species with large fruit such as pears, apple trees, and peaches, it must be done when it has After the time of frost, while in the early species such as plum, medlar, and apricot, it is carried out according to the size of its fruits.

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