Choosing the type of soil for a small garden

If you have been thinking about designing a small garden in an outdoor space of your house, it is time you get down to work, because today, we will help you choose the soil, that is, the type of coverage you will use. Do not think that this is a decision to take lightly, on the contrary, the choice of soil is a very important decision that will greatly determine the character of the space and will be the base on which each of your plants will be planted.

Among the soil that you can choose for your garden, there is the lawn and although it is one of the most used, I do not recommend that you use it if your garden is very small, since it will need more care than you think and it will not support any type of furniture or accessory. On the other hand, if you are convinced that this is the soil you want to use, you will surely enjoy stepping on the grass with bare feet.

Another option you have tiles, which can be found in different sizes. For example, you can choose some large tiles at random that will look great in your small garden. In the same way, you can opt for bricks, to create some type of path through your garden, although it is very important that you be careful with this material since excess moisture can bring algae, causing the surface of these to become very slippery.

A quite viable option is gravel, which is a fairly comfortable surface to walk on, you will not have a problem with algae and its slippery characteristic, and on the contrary, you can fill any corner of the garden with this material. In addition, the best thing about this option is that it is quite easy to find and they come in different textures and colors, so you can add a touch of color to the floor.

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