How to take care of a garden during the summer

We recently gave you some tips for taking care of your potted plants during the summer , the hottest time of the year. Today we are going to tell you a series of tricks to keep your garden healthy during these months. Since no climate is the same, even within the same area there may be microclimates, so it is important to observe the garden well throughout the year, to know how to detect possible changes or problems that may arise.

Likewise, not all plants need the same care: some will need more or less watering, or more or less sun. During the summer, pests are always on the lookout, as they must get enough food to survive the winter. Therefore, if we get confused, our plants can become victims of aphids, mealybugs or other insects at the slightest. And since there is no better remedy than prevention , there is nothing like proper care.

Japanese garden

To differentiate and separate the different gardens according to climates, we have classified them into two: humid gardens typical of areas with high rainfall, and dry gardens more typical of hot climates and with significant drought problems.


  • 1 Wet Garden Care
  • 2 Dry Garden Care
  • 3 Pruning and fertilization

Wet Garden Care

To keep our wet garden healthy, we will have to pay close attention, especially to irrigation. Fungi are one of the worst protagonists that a garden of these characteristics can have, because they love humidity and, as soon as they can, they sneak into our plants and can do them a lot of damage.

Thus, to avoid unnecessary risks, it is highly recommended to have native plants or plants that can withstand the climatic conditions of our garden. For prevention, it is worth adding a fungicide product (if possible natural) in the irrigation before and after the rains.

Dry garden care

The most frequent problems of dry gardens are without a doubt drought and everything that comes with it, that is to say: pests. Insects such as aphids, spider mites, or cochineal will do anything to feed. To avoid diseases and/or opportunistic problems, we will not water excessively. In general, we must take into account that:

  • Trees and shrubs : we must water once a week, except for young specimens or those that have been planted for a short time, which must be two.
  • Palm trees : it is advisable to water twice a week. In summer it will be exceptionally important to treat them against the red palm weevil and Paysandisia archon. Two pests that can seriously affect them.
  • Cacti and succulents : weekly watering.
  • Lawn and horticultural plants : water daily.

As in humid gardens, it is best to have native plants or plants that come from similar climates. These are undoubtedly the best guarantee of success, because with them you can save water and money.

cactus garden

Pruning and fertilization

Whether we are talking about wet or dry gardens, in summer pruning should be reduced to removing withered flowers or dry branches . At this time the plants are in full growth, and it is not advisable to prune them.

Special mention deserve the fertilizers. It is at this time that the subscriber is highly recommended for all garden plants. We will use it following the manufacturer’s recommendations, without exceeding the dose.

And finally, only the most important thing will remain: enjoying our garden .

How to take care of a garden during the summer

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