The importance of fertilizing the soil

In nature, as dry leaves fall, the plants that have grown older also die, as well as the organic waste of animals and insects, the land is enriched. So the next generation can grow with all the nutrients it needs at its disposal .

But this in a garden, and more so in a small garden, is something that happens, but on a smaller scale. And this means that the land is not as rich as it should be. That is why it is advisable to pay , using natural products (or compost) to prevent our plants from having any mineral deficiency.

Plants that enrich the soil


Did you know that there are plants that can serve as fertilizer for the soil? Many of them are planted in the garden, such as broccoli , peas or rye . All of them help fix nitrogen to the soil. All these plants, once decomposed, can be mixed with the compost or mixed directly with the soil. They will serve as an excellent fertilizer, and will contribute to the optimal development and growth of our plants. It can be paid once a year, just after the frosts pass.

All you have to do is let them complete their life cycle , that is: germinate, grow, flower, give seeds and dry. Once the cycle is finished, they are collected.


There is nothing like using vegetable waste to fertilize, as we help give these plants a ” new life “, to enrich the soil and create or maintain the biodiversity of the garden without damaging it at all.

In addition, with this natural fertilizer there is no risk that we pay too much or that the plants have problems because of it. Quite the contrary, the garden will feed only on what it needs , and leave the rest for when the time comes.

The importance of fertilizing the soil

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