Home remedies to avoid pests in the garden

Having a garden at home requires time and money. An effort that does not make much sense if at the time of eradicating pests, insects or fungi that can cause certain diseases you resort to the classic chemical anti -pests.

Recovering grandma’s recipe book, it is possible to drive away the enemies of our plants with some home remedies that use noble and natural ingredients that are within your reach.


  • 1 In search of the perfect recipe
  • 2 Recipes at your fingertips

In search of the perfect recipe

Depending on the plague to be combated, there are a large number of recipes that you can put into practice. In general, they are easy and quick to design, they only require a couple of basic ingredients, a little water and a suitable container.

plant pests

There are plants, fruits and herbs that have oils and elements that naturally keep pests away and also certain animals that will be useful for this purpose. Some of them are garlic, onion, nettle, horsetail, chamomile, sheep manure or rue . They are also noble, ingredients such as vinegar, soap or tobacco .

You can recognize the powers of some of them just by examining their aromas, their itching or if they cause burning on the skin.

Recipes at your fingertips

If you discover pests in your garden, you can mix a liter of water with a tablespoon of tobacco and a tablespoon of soap powder to finally add half a tablespoon of vinegar. Mix the ingredients well and let stand. You can use this home remedy a week later after filtering the mixture and adding an additional two liters of water.

Another recipe includes tobacco but the vinegar is replaced by a tablespoon of onion juice, a teaspoon of ago juice and a teaspoon of sulfur. All in three liters of water. It seems even more powerful and you can apply it if you let it sit for at least two weeks.

home remedies for plants

In both cases you can spray the plants every 15 days to avoid pests .

And if you have little time, a very simple recipe is nettle, in which you must mix 2 kilos of the herb in 20 liters of water. Let stand a week and then strain. Dissolve in 10 liters of water and spray every 15 days to protect plants from red spider mites and mildew.

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