A plant in a tire?

Today, due to the economic crisis we are suffering, recycled pots are more fashionable than ever, since they are cheap , and offer us many possibilities to have a decorative garden or patio. The tires, in addition, have a very low cost, in fact, they can be free, since the wheels that are no longer useful are usually thrown away by the mechanics.

To turn them into pots it doesn’t matter if they are old or new, big or small.

How are they made?

There is a diversity of opinions: some turn the tire around, others do not. What is important to know is that if we want to turn them over.

To paint them I recommend using spray paint , since this way we will ensure that the paint reaches all corners of the wheel, and we do not have to give it another pass. This also saves time.

They can be placed on top of a gravel or earth floor. Or we can even make a hole and put it in, and put some plants inside.

To prevent the soil from leaving, but at the same time the water does not puddle, we can place a grid or a shading mesh inside the tire.

Can a tire be a pond?

Yes, without a doubt. But before starting, the first thing to do is to turn the wheel.

We will buy special plastic for ponds, and we will glue it well with a special glue for PVC; or we will hold it with, for example, tweezers, fill it with water, and remove them. I recommend making some holes in the upper part of the edge, to avoid that, if it rains a lot, the excess water can escape without damaging the pond.

pond tire
A plant in a tire?

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