Homemade inventions useful in agriculture

It is common to see how farmers use their creativity to make homemade inventions that aim to protect their plants and achieve harvests, a number of objects that are very useful in the cultivation stage and that have different uses arise.

In the spring time it is observed how this series of objects designed for the protection of the plantations begin to proliferate and are kept there until the corresponding collection of the harvest.


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These are some useful homemade inventions in agriculture

homemade inventions in agriculture

Homemade inventions have very specific objectives , as is the case of the so-called two-color tapes (red and white) that are arranged along plantations as a kind of delimiting fence to prevent wild animals from entering and damaging them, such This is the case of wild boar and roe deer.

Another of the homemade inventions are the CDs, which are used to hang on the trees and thus keep the birds away from the plantations with the reflection of the sun that they generate. In addition, the use of CDs becomes ecological because we are reusing them for another very useful and creative purpose instead of discarding them.

To keep the harmful moles away, they have invented the placement of plastic bottles upside down on a stick , the explanation is that the vibration caused by the wind in the bottles keeps the moles away, thus preventing them from damaging the roots of the plants. plants


To ward off small field mice, glass bottles are partially buried keeping the beak out and to the side, this position allows a sound to be produced with the help of the wind that literally scares these little animals away.

If it is about keeping snails and slugs away from plants , the ideal home invention is to place a container containing beer between the plants or egg and orange shells also work for this . These little animals, so harmful to crops, are attracted by the aroma of these materials and move away from the plants.

Aromatic plants such as wormwood, laurel, basil, garlic, valerian and oregano are highly recommended to repel insects that spread pests.

Colored ribbons hung on the trees are also used to protect the grafts placed on the trees from the birds, these ribbons distract them and keep them away, keeping the grafts intact until they occur.

home irrigation systems

home hazard system

The elaboration of a simple irrigation system from a plastic bottle , to which several holes are opened and then a hose is inserted in it to distribute the water to the surrounding plants.

The use of plastic containers cut in half and keeping the spout to plant in them and the spout serves as a drainage system, another way of planting is using cans with holes made on the sides.

They wisely say that necessity is the mother of creativity , that is why in the world of agriculture and land cultivation, human beings have traditionally used some homemade inventions that arise from the need to generate crops , keep them healthy , protect them from external agents and pests and of course that they reach a happy end because the subsistence of the farmer and his family depend on it, either for their own food or for the commercialization of the products that generate economic income for their daily life.

The economic factor undoubtedly has to do with these homemade inventions , since having at hand a series of objects such as bottles, sticks, ribbons, aromatic wild plants, etc., the investment in equipment or elements that protect the plantations will be minimal. and beneficial not only for the farmer but also for nature, given the recycling of these materials instead of throwing them into the environment and causing pollution.

Homemade inventions useful in agriculture

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