How to plant a fruit tree bought in a pot

Fruit trees are plants that, in addition to producing edible fruits, can greatly decorate a garden or orchard. For this reason they are very interesting, since with a single specimen we can not only get food but also make the land look much more beautiful.

But of course, sometimes the rush is very treacherous and we make the hole in the ground at the wrong time, the plant will suffer. So, when and how to plant a fruit tree bought in a pot?


  • 1 When is it planted?
  • 2 How is it done?

When is it planted?

Although it is true that a potted plant has much more strength and resistance than one that is bare root, we must bear in mind that there are certain months in which it should not be removed from the container . Why? Because it is growing. Those months are those in which the temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius, that is, in spring and summer.

Knowing this, the best time to plant a fruit tree in the ground is in autumn, or at the end of winter . In either of these two seasons we can remove it from the pot without having to take unnecessary risks.

How is it done?

To plant a fruit tree bought in a pot , you have to follow this step by step :

  1. The first thing we will do is dig a hole, which has to be at least 50x50cm.
  2. Then, we put a bucket with water so that the soil is well moistened.
  3. Now, we mix the earth that we have extracted from the ground with 30% perlite or another similar substrate.
  4. Then, we take the fruit tree out of the pot carefully, tapping the container so that the soil “detaches” from the plastic and can come out better.
  5. Then we put it into the hole. It should not be too high or too low: ideally, it should be about 0.5cm below ground level.
  6. Finally, we fill the hole and water again.
Lemon Tree

This way we will have a healthy and strong fruit tree in our garden or orchard.

How to plant a fruit tree bought in a pot

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