How to multiply cherry tree by seeds?

The cherry tree is a tree that is widely cultivated in temperate climate gardens, not only for the fruits it bears, which are delicious, but also for its high ornamental value. Both its flowers and its leaves are really very decorative, which is why many people want to have a specimen. But how can you get that?

Well, the first thing will be to go buy some cherries at the supermarket. I will tell you the following steps below, in this article on how to multiply the cherry tree by seeds .


Clean the seeds well

Once you have eaten the cherries, it is very important that you clean the seeds (stones) well. You have to remove all the rest of the drupe, otherwise fungi could appear, spoiling them. Help yourself with a scouring pad to leave them free of debris.

When you have done it, put them in a glass of water , more than anything to make sure that they are viable, something that you can confirm instantly if you see that they sink. In the event that they remain floating, it is most likely that they will not germinate; still, you can plant them but in a separate seedbed.

Prepare the Tupperware

Cherry seeds need to be chilled for 2-3 months before they germinate

 . For this reason, it is necessary that towards the end of autumn a Tupperware container is filled with vermiculite , the seeds are placed, and then they are covered with more vermiculite and then the container is placed in the fridge.

You have to check it once a week (removing the lid of the container). In addition, it is also highly advisable to spray the seeds with fungicide.

sow the seeds

Cherry blossoms

When spring comes you can move the seeds to pots. Use universal growing medium mixed with 30% perlite , and don’t forget to put a label with the sowing date to know how long it takes to germinate.

If you want to be more attentive to their germination, what you can do is plant them in cotton or absorbent kitchen paper. But it is important that it is always well moistened – but it should not drip.

In this way, you will have a new cherry tree more or less a month or two months after planting . Keep treating it with fungicide because, during the first year of a tree’s life, fungi can kill seedlings in a matter of days .

Good sowing!

How to multiply cherry tree by seeds?

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