How to protect pots from frost

Pots are containers that, unfortunately, wear out over time due to the action of the Sun, ice and snow. Is there a way to lengthen their shelf lives? Of course. In fact, below I am going to tell you all the tricks so that you can use them for many more years than you might initially think.

Discover how to protect pots from frost and get the most out of them.


Protect your plastic pots

Plastic pots for plants

Plastic is a very resistant material, so much so that it takes about 150 years to completely degrade, but continuous exposure to weather conditions gradually weakens it. It can take a long time before it breaks, but it is important that we take certain measures to make it last. What are those measures? The following:

  • We must choose pots with the right color taking into account our climate. For example: if we live in an area with strong sunlight, the ideal is that we choose white or light-colored pots since they will be more resistant and, in addition, they will prevent the roots from overheating in summer; On the other hand, if we live in an area where the sun is not very strong, such as in the north of Spain, it is best to buy black or dark-colored pots.
  • During the winter, especially if there is frost, try to keep them indoors, either in a large plastic tupperware-type box or in the warehouse. In the event that we are growing plants in them, we can cover them with anti-frost fabric or put them very close together.

clay pots

Clay pot

Clay is a very decorative material with a fairly long lifespan if cared for correctly . But it has a serious drawback: sudden changes in temperature, frost and snowfall usually harm it a lot. To avoid it, you have to do the following :

  • Once or twice a year you have to give it a pass of linseed oil, which is a product that we can get at any hardware store.
  • Although it is very resistant, I recommend keeping it inside the house or in a sheltered area during the winter, or also protect it with plastic or anti-frost fabric.

And you, how do you protect the pots from frost?

How to protect pots from frost

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