Grow hops and enjoy craft beer

Today the production of craft beer is fashionable and that is why we talk about hop, One main beer ingredients. Few know that this plant hides great virtues: in ancient Rome it was used to alleviate digestive disorders while in China it was used to cure tuberculosis and leprosy. Originally from eastern Europe, today it is widely […]

What is the four-year rotation?

Have you heard of the four-year rotation? This system, also known as the Norfolk System because it is there, in Norfolk (England), where its creator put it into practice a few years ago, specifically, between 1730 and 1740. To this day it is still used; Not surprisingly, it is a very interesting method that allows us […]


El radish It is the root of a horticultural plant that grows very well both in the garden and in pots, as long as the latter are wide and above all deep. But What are your needs? What do you have to take into account to get at least decent harvest Origin and characteristics Image – Wikimedia / Prenn […]

What are turnip greens?

Typical foods are essential to get into the atmosphere. Nothing like a traditional food to evoke all the charm of a specific time of year or celebration. In Galicia it is usually given to the neighbors in the winter months and especially in the carnival season a bunch of turnip greens, being the pork shoulder with turnip greens […]

Citron squash 

Cucurbits are fruits very widespread throughout the world and there are many varieties. You will find the pumpkin, watermelon, cucumbers and melons, all belonging to this family of creepers whose fruits are characterized by having abundant water, potassium, beta-carotene and micro vitamins. Once winter is beginning to wind down it is time to plan planting for […]

Passion fruit

La passion fruit It is a very useful tropical-looking climber: it produces beautiful flowers and its fruits are also edible. The growth rate is fast, so having it covering, for example, a pergola is a very interesting option 😉. But How to have it well cared for? If you are wondering this, it is because you have probably just […]

White truffle

There are little whims and delicacies that we have from time to time and then there is the white truffle. It is probably one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Its scientific name is Tuber magnamatum Peak and it is also known by the name of tartufo bianco. It is considered one of the most […]


Today we are going to talk about a legume species that is well known and cultivated throughout the world. It is about the beans or beans. The scientific name is Phaseolus and it has other common names like beans, beans, and beans. It belongs to the legume family and comes from America. It is quite widespread throughout […]

Blue corn

Have you heard of blue corn? In Latin America it is quite common, but in the rest of the world… it is very difficult to find it. Despite that, its cultivation is very simple; not in vain, they are produced by the same species zea mays. This is a very fast growing herb that loves the sun […]

Chinese potato

There are many types of vegetables, and one of the most curious is known as the Chinese potato. It is produced by a plant in the pumpkin family, and it is very easy to grow. In addition, it has a mild flavor, very easy to eat as the pulp is generally soft. Do you want […]

How to plant carrots?

Are you wondering how to grow carrots? The truth is that they are one of the most interesting and easy to grow root vegetables, as long as you have land to plant them … or failing that, a very deep pot (and whoever says a pot says a recycled cube, a container made from old tires, or […]

Joint garlic

These plants have been part of human culture for centuries. These are within the family of Amaryllidaceae y has 1250 species scattered throughout the world. Garlic, onion, chives or chives, garlic joint (whose scientific name is Allium neapolitanum) and hundreds of other varieties with the characteristic smell and the particular flavor, used in many of the culinary dishes typical of […]

Brussels sprouts

Considered one of the most popular and nutritious side dishes around, Brussels sprouts They are a vegetable belonging to the family of the most striking crucifers and nutritious that you can taste. These small and characteristic cabbages are part of multiple recipes as a side or ingredient that make any meal unique. Table of Contents Properties The […]

What are tropical fruits?

Who has never dreamed of being in a jungle tasting the best tropical fruits that nature gives them? Although it is true that it is becoming easier to find them in supermarkets around the world, it is no less true that it is interesting to know which plants produce them and what is their real hardiness to, […]

White strawberry

The white strawberry known as white soul or pineberry is a small white berry with green leaves and red achenes of strong aroma and flavor similar to pineapple, especially when it is mature, being very resistant to diseases. This strawberry is the product of the cross between two species of American strawberry, the Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria virginiana,  accidentally born […]

What are the characteristics and cultivation of the robin tomato?

Although at first glance they all seem very similar, depending on the variety and / or cultivar, tomato plants produce fruits with characteristics that make them unique. What’s more, if you want to grow one with an exquisite flavor and very productive, I would definitely recommend the robin tomato. As if that were not enough, it […]

When and how to plant cocoa beans?

How are cocoa beans sown? Well, it’s very easy, since with a pot and a good substrate, without forgetting of course a watering can with water, we can get some specimens of this tree. But if we want someone to reach adulthood … things get complicated. So to have a chance of success, I recommend you keep […]


Have you ever wanted to try little known legumes? It is often thought that what is easy to grow is what you see in nurseries, and they are not lacking (in most cases), but the truth is that there are many plants that can pleasantly surprise us. One of them is what is known, among […]

Romaine lettuce

La Romaine lettuce It is one of the most cultivated herbaceous plants in orchards and flowerpots. Its maintenance is very simple, since it does not need much to grow well and produce healthy leaves… and delicious 😉. So if you want to know everything about her and her needs, don’t stop reading. Table of Contents Origin and characteristics […]


Agriculture is a science that requires specific knowledge of each species of plants to be planted. All those who have ventured into this wonderful world, whether from an industrial point of view, as a hobby or in a garden, know that they must do so with absolute seriousness and knowledge in order to see the expected […]

Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata ssp. Alba)

The cabbage It is the most widely used cabbage variety worldwide. We know it by this common cabbage name, but also as murcian cabbage, red cabbage, smooth cabbage, and even cheese cabbage. Its scientific name is brassica oleracea there. Capitata ssp. Sunrise. It belongs to the same family as purple cauliflower and they keep some characteristics similar to other companions of […]

Properties and benefits of nightshades

There are many people who ask if nightshades they are poisonous or not and if they are edible. It is a group of flowering plants that are both deciduous and perennial. In this family of plants there are different types of trees, shrubs and even aromatic herbs. The doubt of many people is that when they see […]


Surely you have ever worked or seen the mulch. From a young age they teach you that mulch is essential for the organic matter in the soil and that it serves as a compost. Nothing is further from reality, mulch is a type of organic fertilizer that offers exceptional characteristics to the soil on which it is […]

Types of lettuce and their properties

Lettuce may be one of the foods that is almost never missing from your meal. Any meal that is made in a restaurant has as a starter a good salad whose main ingredient is lettuce. However, there are countless types of lettuce that we can use and each one varies not only in taste, texture […]

lactuca serriola

In the field we can find many plants that, apparently, do not have to have any use but when we start to investigate them they usually surprise us. One of them is the lactuca serriola, which is a very useful herb in cooking and in natural medicine. So if you want to know more about it, […]

What is the origin of ginger and what uses does it have?

Ginger is one of those plants that is grown for the different uses it has. And, although it is very popular in the kitchen, it is also used in natural medicine, and it also looks great in a garden. However, when someone is asked what the origin of ginger is, they tend to doubt. So so […]

What is yucca

Often the common names of plants create confusion, and there are many that share names. A clear example is the term “yucca”, which refers to an entire botanical genus (the Yucca) and also to the Manihot esculenta. So, so that there is no room for doubt, we are going to explain what yucca is telling you what the […]

How to plant pumpkin seeds?

If you would like to grow your own pumpkins, nothing better than to get an envelope of seeds and prepare a seedbed so they can germinate. Then, taking care of them is simple, since they are plants that do not need much to have an excellent development. Anyway, as doubts can always arise, then we […]

Chinese pomegranate (Passiflora ligularis)

La Chinese pomegranate It is one of the most vigorous (and beautiful, by the way) climbers that we can have in a garden. Thanks to its tendrils, it clings tightly -although without hurting- to its support, be it a wall, a tree, or a lattice. As if that were not enough, the fruits it produces are edible. […]

Garlic uses in the garden

Garlic is one of the most popular crops in the world; not surprisingly, it is part of the ingredient list of multiple recipes. But also, it has very interesting properties for both human and plant health. You do not believe me? Discover what are the uses of garlic in the garden, and avoid applying chemical products […]

How to prepare the garden for winter

Autumn and especially winter are two seasons in which those who have a garden hardly have work, but be careful, that does not mean that nothing has to be done. In fact, several plants can still be planted, and if we live in an area where frosts occur, it is time to protect crops from low […]

Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima)

The pumpkin (pumpkin or squash) is one of the many American vegetables that came to Europe to enrich Mediterranean food. It is native to Central America and its cultivation is widespread on American soil and also in warm and temperate areas of Europe, including Spain. Its flavor is sweet smooth, it is rich in fiber and […]

Caigua (Cyclanthera pedata)

The caigua It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family like the pumpkin or the watermelon. Its scientific name is cyclanthera pedata and it is also known by the common name of Achocha and stuffed cucumber. It is a plant with medicinal uses and endless characteristics worth knowing. In this article you will learn everything […]

Onion diseases

Onions are one of the most popular garden crops – not only are they easy to grow, but they are also one of those that will be used more in the kitchen later. But unfortunately, these plants can also have serious problems with fungi and bacteria that live in the soil. So that you can […]

How is Sesame grown?

For a long time there have been a series of plants that humans cultivate. There are some that have almost no ornamental value (such as cereal or oats), but there are others that do, such as sesame. Its small pink flowers are very beautiful, and also its seeds are very useful for people. If you want […]

Characteristics, cultivation and care of the Najerano pepper

Najeran peppers are a variety that belong to the Nájera region. They have a classification by the protected geographical indication such as the Riojano pepper, which includes the Najerano pepper that is generally grown in the valleys of the Rioja baja, media and also in Rioja alta, and which in turn, It is marketed both as […]

Piparras: all about them

When we talk about chilli peppers, the characteristic spicy flavor of these species comes to us. However, today we are going to talk about a kind of chilli that does not sting. Is about the pipe. It is a well-known plant grown in the Basque Country. Thanks to its climate, it has a fresh aroma and […]

Celeriac: characteristics, properties and cultivation

Today we return with another hybrid vegetable like kohlrabi. This is the celeriac. It is also known by the name of celery or water parsley. Its scientific name is Apium graveolens and it is a perfect vegetable for a person on a diet, since it has a large amount of nutrients and very few calories. In this post we […]

How to grow nopales

Today we come to talk about the prickly pear or nopal. It is a type of cactus that comes from America. They are plants that prefer desert climates where high temperatures and little rainfall abound. Both the leaves and the fruits (the prickly pears) are edible and can be grown as an ornamental plant. In […]

Galician cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Viridis)

La Galician cabbage It is an edible herbaceous plant that has been cultivated for at least 2000 years. It is very good to keep, both in the garden and in a pot, and it also tastes good. The most interesting thing is that you can always have it available for collection. Would you like to know how? […]

Pea varieties

The pea is about a cultivation mainly of temperate climate and a little humid, whose plant usually freezes when faced with temperatures below 3-4ºC below zero and stops growing when exposed to temperatures below 5-7ºC. However, presents an optimal development when it faces temperatures between 16-20ºC, its maximum being over 35ºC and its minimum between 6-10ºC. Since ancient […]

Vegetables to grow indoors

When we think of growing plants for human consumption, the first thing that comes to mind is the belief that you have to have, yes or yes, a garden or at least a space outside the house so that they can be well. But the truth is that there are some that may be inside. […]

How to make a vegetable garden

Surely you have ever thought about taking advantage of your garden to make your own home garden. Planting your own crops and harvesting your crops can be very rewarding. To do this, it is important to take into account some steps and make the most of all the materials. In this way you can have […]

Characteristics and cultivation of chives

Sometimes to change salads or give a special touch to our meals we use chive instead of onion. These do not form bulbs like the onion, but they are the leaves that have thickened at the base. In this article we are going to talk about the characteristics and cultivation of chives. Do you want to learn […]

Why plant mint in the garden

Mint is a fantastic aromatic plant that is very easy to care for. But its growth is so fast that it is usually kept in very specific corners, and you can even choose to plant it in the ground with the same pot to have it somewhat controlled. Despite this minor inconvenience, It is very interesting […]

Most common mistakes in the garden

There are many of us who each season want to grow a series of plants in the garden. For this, we buy seeds or seedlings and proceed to care for them in the hope that after a short period of time we can harvest them. But the illusion that we had at the beginning is […]

Nabicol (kohlrabi): characteristics and cultivation

You may have ever heard of or seen the nabicol. It is known as kohlrabi and it is a hybrid cruciferous tuber between turnip and cabbage (hence its name). In the kitchen both the root and the leaves are used to be consumed as if it were another vegetable such as spinach or chard. The meat of […]

What is an urban garden

You have probably heard about the urban garden more than once, but you may have doubts about the definition of that term. Doubts that of course I will solve for you because it is very interesting to grow our own food. So if you want to know what is an urban garden, when it originated and […]

Garden care in autumn

During the summer and its characteristic weather conditions, the plants that we have been growing in the garden have had to be watered practically daily, but thus and with the regular contribution of fertilizer it has not been difficult for them to produce leaves, flowers and / or edible fruits of high quality. But now […]

Cuaresmeño Chile: characteristics, origin and cultivation

The cuaresmeño chili or jalapeño is well known throughout the world. Anyone who has heard of spicy Mexican food has heard of the cuaresmeño pepper. Its scientific name is Capsicum annuuum. He is originally from the city of Xalapa in the state of Veracruz (Mexico). In this article we will describe all their characteristics and origin […]

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