Most common mistakes in the garden

There are many of us who each season want to grow a series of plants in the garden. For this, we buy seeds or seedlings and proceed to care for them in the hope that after a short period of time we can harvest them. But the illusion that we had at the beginning is fading little by little as we see that the seeds do not germinate or that the plants dry out earlier than expected.

To avoid these problems I’m going to tell you what are the most frequent mistakes in the garden and how to avoid them.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Not thinking about the conditions they need to live
  • 2 Not preparing the land for planting
  • 3 Not controlling irrigation
  • 4 Not sowing or planting at the correct height
  • 5 Plant the plants close together

Not thinking about the conditions they need to live

When we are going to start a garden it is very important that we bear in mind that not all horticultural plants should be exposed to the sun yes or yes; in fact, there are several that can be planted without problems in semi-shade: Swiss chard, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, peas, onions, leeks, celery, strawberries. In addition, it is also necessary that we cultivate them in appropriate times since the vast majority do not support the cold of winter with the exception of onions or garlic.

Not preparing the land for planting

Horticultural plants require fertile soil in order to grow. Especially if we have a rather poor terrain it is very, very important that we take some kind of ecological compost so that the roots find what they need. In the case of not doing so, it is very possible that they dry out before their time.

Not controlling irrigation

Taking care of a garden involves watering a lot and very often, but if we water too much the plants will yellow and die. To avoid this, it is highly advisable to use a drip irrigation system, whether home or not. Filling a few 5-liter bottles of water every time we see that they are running out we can have a very healthy garden

. Of course, let’s not forget to make a small hole in the base so that the precious element can come out.

Not sowing or planting at the correct height

Seeds or plants that are deeply buried will not grow well, and may not even develop. In the case of seeds, they must always be sown on the surface of the earth and covered with a very thin layer of substrate., thick enough so that they are not exposed to the sun; and with respect to plants, they must be planted in such a way that their roots are buried, starting from the neck (where the trunk / stem ends and the root system begins).

Plant the plants close together

When you want to cover a lot and / or the plants are planted too close together, what happens is that they do not grow as they should. It is necessary to respect the planting framework of each one of them, and leave a minimum distance between each specimen so that everyone can receive the amount of water, light and nutrients they need to grow.

Urban garden

And you, do you know of other mistakes that are made in the garden?

Most common mistakes in the garden

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