What are the characteristics of Serpol?

The serpol, what will it do? What exactly? Where is it located? The answer to all these questions, you will see them clarified throughout this article and is that to begin, serpol is a plant.

It is also known as bush thyme and as shepherd’s sauce, a plant that you can find mainly in Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, where this type of plant is consumed in quantity. On the other hand, it is often confused a bit with thyme, but Serpol always retains a citrus flavor a little easier to distinguish.

Learn a little more about this peculiar plant

qualities of serpol

It has a woody stem that grows and branches horizontally, resting on the ground. In the same way, it produces other vertical branches that reach up to 50 cm in heightlike the ends of the horizontal stems, which are raised to the same height.

There are many varieties and with different characteristics, although all generally have the same structure, the only thing that varies are the shades of the stems and the colors of the flowerswhich always depend on the place where they grow. However, one type of plant is covered in one type of wooly and others are lacking; some have elongated leaves and others rounded; even its flowers acquire different colors and give off different aromas.

Serpol is very useful in medicine

If you thought it was a plant of little use to science, consider it again, as some of the medicinal properties par excellence that Serpol has, they are:

Serpol has qualities to reduce cough

It also works as a antiseptic that disinfects the throat and all its connections. It helps you refresh that burning that you may feel every time you have a cough and also makes it easier to expel phlegm

It is very useful as a digestive tonic

The advantages are that it helps with digestion and removes worms from the intestines. In general, purifies the bodysince it acts on the nervous centers and favors blood circulation.

Another of the medicinal properties of serpol is that it is a effective natural fever reducer It helps clear the airways. It is highly recommended as a home remedy, such as preparing an infusion and breathing the steam that it produces when it boils.

Serpol helps prevent the spread of fungi

Precisely, it is not being said that you should bathe with Serpol once you leave the pools or showers that are not those of your home, but the idea is aimed at considering that there are moisturizing ointments and creams that you can rub into your skin once you’re done getting out of the pools.

If you’re looking for take advantage of the analgesic properties of serpolIn cases of rheumatism, gout, lumbago or even tired feet, you are on the right track. Its minerals have the ability to enter through the skin and gradually repair the damaged tissues of your body, as well as gradually relieve your tensions and contractions.

The extract of serpol is included in the composition of drops and syrups against cough, being a completely reliable remedy to combat conditions like colds and gastrointestinal disorders. If you are looking to get well soon from your flu, a Serpol tea with your meals can help you in a great way.

Likewise, if your stomach is the one asking for help, providing it with a regular intake of Serpol, will help it to maintain the usual rhythm of digestion and to recover from any bacteria that are harming it.

Do not confuse it with Thyme, look for it well!

wild serpol

If you are already motivated to go out and buy a few twigs of this wonderful plant, don’t waste your time anymore, with all these explanations it would be very difficult not to consider taking advantage of all its benefits

Try to identify it by its strong colors and its citrus smell so that you are not going to confuse it with thyme and always take advantage of times like summer, because those tube-shaped flowers and of different sizes and shades Depending on the variety, they are produced en masse, covering extensive mountain meadows in color.

What are the characteristics of Serpol?

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