Gorse, a shrub that gives color to the garden

If you are looking for a plant that gives color to the garden and also does not need much care, get one or more specimens of gorse. This is a beautiful little shrub that does not exceed 2 meters in height and produces such a quantity of flowers that its stems remain hidden throughout the season.

Although it is prickly, its yellow petals are so striking that they immediately attract various beneficial insects for the garden, such as bees or ladybugs. Would you like to know more about him?

What is the gorse like?


Our protagonist is an endemic shrub from southeastern France, eastern half of Spain and some localities in North Africa. Its scientific name is ulex parviflorusalthough it is likely that you know it more as gorse, gorse, argoma, Moorish gorse, gorse, argillaceous or catfish. It reaches 2 meters in height, and is highly branched. The branches are provided with strong lateral spines, very sharp. The leaves are few, simple and alternate.

The flowers, which sprout in late winter, are yellow in color and sprout directly from the thorns. Once they are pollinated, the fruit begins to ripen, which is an elongated and highly compressed legume in which 2 to 7 seeds are found.

For what do you use it?

ulex parviflorus

Due to its resistance to drought, it is one of the most interesting plants to restore lands that have been impoverishedor to decorate gardens that are in areas where it rains so little and the sun is so intense that erosion has become one of its main problems.

Therefore, gorse is an excellent option to have in gardens with low or no maintenancenot only because it is not demanding at all, but also because it adds color thanks to its beautiful flowers.

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Gorse, a shrub that gives color to the garden

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