Those who live in a small apartment without large windows dream of a balcony but when they have managed to fulfill the dream, they are not satisfied and want a garden, no matter how small.

Then it is the turn to dream of a bigger green space until finally the longing is have a pond. The dream of so many of us.

Have a nice pond

But having it also implies adding work because in order for it to look splendid it is necessary to take care of the water and the plants that live there, also choosing the right ones so that combined they look good.

Our Aquatic plants are those whose roots need to live in water although they also fulfill other effective functions such as providing oxygen or serving as a home for some fish.

Aquatic plants

To have them and enjoy them, you have to take into account some special care as they are not traditional plants rather, the specific habitat in which they live forces us to consider some issues. For example, you have to know that these plants need at least between 4 and 6 hours of sun, preferably in peak hours, that is to say after noon.

In many cases, these plants do not withstand frost although the resistance will also depend on each species. The best thing in all cases is to protect them by covering them with a cloth.

To consider

If you want to plant them, the time to do it is from spring until well into summer then the water temperature is higher and the plant is likely to grow rapidly. Remember that always there must be free space in the pond so take care that your copies do not cover more than half of it.

It is very important that between them There are oxygenating aquatic plants as they will be responsible for keeping the water clean and not growing algae. There must be at least 3 oxygenating plants for every square meter of pond surface.

Aquatic plants