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Our tropical plants They are showy and many of them have large leaves. They have intense colors and are the plants of choice for those who like lush gardens.

As the name implies, they are plants native to tropical areas that in their natural habitat grow in conditions of high humidity and abundant rainfall. Tropical plants thrive in jungle areas in Central and South America as well as in Southeast Asia.

Benefits of tropical plants

The magic of tropical plants happens due to the foliage of their leaves, large, sometimes shiny. In addition, they have flowers of strong colors and in many cases of non-traditional morphology. Examples of them are bromeliads, helicones, Orchids, ferns or palm trees.

The moist and rich soils they give life to these exuberant specimens that need a warm climate and abundant waters to survive. To have them, you have to reproduce their natural conditions so you will need abundant watering, especially during the summer season. To keep them healthy, it is best to prune them a year as then they will recover energy and bloom better in the spring.

Some species

Addition ferns or palm treesone of the most popular tropical plants is the Maui Ixoraa plant that is characterized by its deep green leaves and bright flowers that come in a variety of colors, from red to orange or white.

left ixora

This plant needs an acid soil and a high solar exposure, although it tolerates semi-shade conditions.

The croton It is another very popular tropical species that attracts attention with the range of colors of its leaves. There are different varieties of croutons, broad-leaved, narrow, spiral, etc. All of them need heat to survive as they do not tolerate cold weather. In addition, they must be pruned in spring and also throughout the year.


Tropical plants | Gardening On

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