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When you have a large garden, it is possible grow all kinds of trees, plants and flowers, and this is how you can include varieties that are seasonal because the great variety of species allows that there is no gap when the cycle ends than those that can only be enjoyed in a specific season of the year.

Our seasonal flowers They are as wonderful as they are capricious, giving us their beauty for just a few months. But they are worth pampering, considering their generosity when in bloom, with their beautiful colorful buds, their brilliance and grace.

Among the winter plants, the thoughts they are the most beautiful. Ideal to contrast with bushes of great foliage or to take advantage of during the season in decorative vases.

Thoughts, one step away from violets


Did you know that thoughts belong to genus of violets? These are ornamental plants that are obtained from the wild species purple tricolor. The scientific name for thoughts is viola x wittrockiana and family is violaceous.

Thoughts are hybrid plantsthat is, the product of two species. The first specimens were born in the XNUMXth century, when the first crosses of wild species were made in Northern Europe with the intention of creating more attractive flowers.

It was in 1820 that the wild thought or Viola tricolor with another a native species of violets (V. lutea). In some cases, it was also combined with V. Altaicaoriginally from the East. Very soon, these hybrids became popular. By 1835 there were already about 400 varieties and a few years later the thought was one of the most chosen plants.


This is not by chance, just look at the natural beauty of its flowers to understand the reasons for success. With a fan that goes from white to blue through gold, yellow, red and purplethe thoughts are diverse and ideal to combine with each other.

Ideally grow them in groups because the flowers are large although they grow in isolation. In addition, they are attractive to the touch due to their soft velvety petals.

If you would like to cultivate thoughtsremember they are biannual plantsthat is to say that they will flower only during the second season, beginning in the fall and extending until late spring. Then they go into the background, when the summer heat forces them to be trimmed to avoid the drooping appearance of their withered flowers and discolored leaves.

Decorate with pansies

We know that thoughts are ornamental plants But, is it possible to grow them in any way and anywhere?

When designing your garden with thoughts, the first thing is to know that it is a seasonal flower so it is important to grow it together with other species that remain stable throughout the year. That is why it is recommended plant pansies next to bushesnot only because then you will achieve a balance but also because the thoughts help to avoid the proliferation of weeds as long as you plant them under them.

Its ornamental uses are varied as it is a plant widely used for these purposes. It is common to see it in roundabouts and next to monuments, at the entrances of many towns or in balcony planters, as its striking colors attract attention.


Multi-colored pansy flowers also go well on window sills and some landscapers choose combine them with the alder because the clusters of white flowers of the latter contrast perfectly with the colorful pansies highlighting the best of them.

In any of the cases, remember that pansies are seasonal flowers that need to be exposed to sunlight as the shade gives rise to the proliferation of fungi. On the other hand, it is good that when choosing the planters, you opt for those that have good drainage since the soil must always be somewhat humid although not flooded.


Pansies, ornamental plant | Gardening On

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