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When we talk about transplant a treeWe are talking about extracting a tree or shrub from the ground and planting it in another place, be it a pot or another place such as a garden to a park, or from a pot to the ground.

But, before talking about the transplant process, let’s see some factors that we must take into account to transplant a tree.

  • Reasons for transplanting: although the reasons we have for transplanting our trees can be diverse, it is important that we bear in mind that in many cases transplantation is the only option we have. For example, if the size that our tree has reached is too high and requires changing its place, it is important that we opt for transplantation. It is recommended that before planting a tree, we find out the type of species and the size it can reach since from there we will know exactly where to plant it and avoid generating future problems. In the same way, let us bear in mind that it is not always possible to go to the transplant, either because the place where it is located is difficult to access or simply because it is in such poor health that it is not worth trying to transplant it.
  • Considerations: In addition to the reasons why we should transplant a tree, we have to have certain general considerations to do so, for example: it is easier to transplant a small tree than a large and mature one, since we will have to ask for advice and help to move it and get it off the ground. Bear in mind that there are species that are more difficult to transplant than others, such as acacias and mimosas.
  • Time for transplantation: keep in mind that the best time to transplant is when the plant is at rest, that is, during winter.

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Tree Transplantation | Gardening On

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