How to buy small greenhouses

How much you love plants, you know that if you have a place to protect them from inclement weather, such as wind, heat, rain, etc. It is important. Today, small greenhouses allow you to have somewhat more delicate plants in your home without them deteriorating. But how to buy them? If you have considered have […]

Rosa François Juranville, the largest climbing rose

Rose lover? There is no doubt that they are one of the most beautiful plants, especially with their flowers. But, what if we talk about little-known but even more beautiful cultivars? This is what you can find with the rose François Juranville, what do you know about her? Below we leave you a practical guide […]

Care of the Dionaea muscípula or Venus flycatcher

Have you thought about having a carnivorous plant? When we think of them, it is normal for one to come to mind with a mouth, teeth, and one of those that, as soon as it notices something, closes and never reopens. This is the Venus flytrap, also known as Dionaea muscipula. Their care is very […]

Rosa Albéric Barbier: Characteristics and cultivation

Today there are more than 30 thousand different varieties of roses. We can find these beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors, some with thorns and others without. Many of them are hybrids, which means that they have arisen from a cross between two different types. In this way, the number of varieties is growing […]

What is a jalapeño pepper and how hot it is

Surely you have already tried on some other occasion the jalapeno pepper. This vegetable is very popular in various cuisines, especially in Mexico. It is very striking that sometimes it can sting more than others, why is that? In this post we will explain what exactly is the jalapeño pepper and how is its cultivation. […]

Characteristics of chile de árbol

If you are lovers of spicy food, surely the chile de árbol will catch your attention. It may not be the spiciest of all, but it certainly doesn’t fall short. Don’t let the name confuse you, it is not a chile that falls from the tree, yet it is very popular in Mexican cuisine. In […]

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