Outdoor waterproof pergolas: what you should look for when buying them

Putting a pergola in the garden is perfect to enjoy it in summer or winter. The problem is that if it is open and it rains or is very sunny, you cannot use it. Unless you opt for waterproof outdoor pergolas.

Wait, you don’t know what we’re talking about? Perhaps you have tried and had a bad experience? With this guide that we have prepared we will try to help you buy a good waterproof pergola that meets your needs. Go for it?

Best outdoor waterproof pergolas

Best brands of outdoor waterproof pergolas

We cannot say that there are specific brands of outdoor waterproof pergolas, but some of the best-known brands of garden products do have these in their catalogues. We have chosen three of these brands for their quality and variety. We tell you.


Outsunny belongs to Aosom, a brand that has been in Spain since 2014. This part of the business is focused on products for the terrace and garden. Therefore, its catalog is quite extensive and you have thousands of products to choose from, not only pergolas, which is what interests us, but swimming pools, umbrellas, awnings, planters…


In LifeXL you can find garden furniture, tools, sports products, toys and almost everything that is needed for a house with a garden. Of course, including the pergolas.


Tectake is one of the brands you will see the most in terms of products for the home and garden. It has a wide variety of these products and above all at affordable prices for all budgets with great quality.

Buying guide for waterproof outdoor pergolas

When you have a garden and want a place to enjoy with family and friends, which is somewhat covered, a pergola may be the solution. But You have to make sure that it is waterproof since, if it is open, it will not be of much use if you want to have a space to protect yourself from the sun or the rain.

The problem is that, being an element that is not cheap, we tend to only look at the lower priced ones, without realizing that they may not have the right features for us.

In this sense, what you should take into account is the following:


Pergolas can be made with many types of materials: wood, steel, aluminum, hard plastic… Each one has its pros and cons, but also its needs.

For example, If you buy an aluminum one and it’s too windy where you live, unless you fix it to the ground it will end up falling. If it is made of wood it will be more resistant, the same as steel. And in turn these, with inclement weather, can deteriorate sooner.

All this must be taken into account since it not only affects the price, but also the utility.


Or, more specifically, to the waterproof cover it has. You want to make sure that it is of a high quality and that it really is not going to have any “leaks” of water. This is common when sheets are used to cover the pergola, as if they were blinds.


The size of the pergola will depend, mainly, on the space you have outside. Of course, it is not convenient to put it very fair, because then it will create an unpleasant effect, as if it were very overloaded.


Finally, and related to all of the above, we have the price. This one is not easy to say because it will depend on whether you buy the pergola with the waterproof cover, that they make it to measure, or that it be a set. But the prices in general will oscillate for more than 100 euros.

Where to buy?

Waterproof outdoor accessories Source_Amazon

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what to look for when buying waterproof outdoor pergolas, the next step you should take is related to the purchase. More specifically with where you are going to buy it.

We have taken a look at the stores that are most searched for on the Internet related to this product and then we want to talk about what you could find in them.


We could tell you that Amazon is where you will find the most variety, because when you put the term in its search engine it tells us that there are more than 30,000 results. However, If you start to review these a bit, you will soon realize that they have nothing to do with each other.

And it is that it will not be easy for you to find proper pergolas in this store. Of course there are, but it will take time to find them among all the results.

As for the prices, they follow the line of the other stores, although some are somewhat raised. If you like any It is best that you compare the price by looking for that model on the Internet in case it was cheaper.

Leroy Merlin

In this case, at Leroy Merlin we have carried out a search with its search engine so that it would give us all the options of pergolas that it has available. We will find more than a hundred modelsAlthough you have to filter a bit since some are not really going to be waterproof. Also, mix what are pergolas with tents or gazebos that will not be what you are looking for.


Bricodepot is perhaps where you can find more pergola structures (of different sizes and materials). But these themselves are not waterproof.

In fact, if you are looking for precisely one as such, the results that this store gives us are zero, because you will have to buy, on the one hand, the pergola, and on the other, some element that makes it waterproof.

Second hand

Finally, we can suggest you buy waterproof outdoor pergolas through second-hand apps or websites. Although we are talking about a large and heavy product, whose shipping costs can be high, maybe you are lucky and there is one in the area where you live. Yes that’s how it is, you can save shipping costs if you go for it.

In addition, you must keep in mind that it is not a new product, so you will have to make sure that it is in good condition so as not to have problems in the future (both near and far).

The only thing left for you is to buy waterproof outdoor pergolas that go well with the garden you have or the space where you want to place them.

Outdoor waterproof pergolas: what you should look for when buying them

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