How to buy a garden bench with storage

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Sometimes decorating the terrace or garden, even a balcony with furniture, gives us more than one problem. Cushions, blankets, accessories… It is common to have them to give it a warmer look, but when the wind picks up or it rains they are a problem. Unless you have a garden bench with storage.

Do you want to buy one? Have you bought it and the experience has not gone well? Then this guide that we have prepared can help you. We are going to discuss with you the most important factors when buying a bench with these characteristics so that you know what to look for. Do you take a look?

Best garden benches with storage

Best brands of garden benches with storage

Here we leave you some of the best brands of garden benches with storage that you can buy.


We started with the Keter brand, a brand that has been around for more than 70 years and that operates in a hundred countries. They have products for houses and gardens characterized by innovative and high quality.

Fest night

Festnight specializes in products for the home, specifically for the garden or terrace. Its products are modern and elegant in style, In addition to having a quality – price quite successful.

would marry

Finally, you have Casaria, another of the best-known brands in home and garden furniture. With a quality – price more than right, and creative and original models and designs, it may be a good option to see what you can offer.

Buying guide for a garden bench with storage

Buying a garden bench with storage is easy. Finding the ideal, not so much. And it is that many times we tend to think only about the budget and in some other factors, but without seeing it globally. In other words, without taking into account all the characteristics that we must. Therefore, we can often fail.

So that this does not happen to you, we have compiled some of the factors that are considered most important in this product. They are the following:


When you want to buy a garden bench with storage The first thing you need is to know what space you have to place it. If you buy it too big it won’t fit you; and if it’s too small it can look ridiculous.

In addition, by size you must also take into account the storage capacity, that is, that you can put more or less things.


In general, A durable garden bench with storage should be made of metal, wood or plastic. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, yes, but they are the three materials that can give you the most resistance.


Speaking of resistance, taking into account that it is an element that we are going to leave outside, it must be resistant to the elements.

For it, make sure the materials have UV protection treatments so that they resist the sun’s rays and it does not discolor. But, also, that they avoid that the cold or the rain can do their thing.


One of the ways in which you can see if the bank that you have liked is suitable or not is by seeing the opinions that other clients leave. Sometimes you will be able to find them and this can help you to know if it is the right one or not, if it is usually of good quality, if it is difficult to assemble, etc.. This way you will get an idea of ​​what to expect.


Finally, we talk about the price. And in this sense, everything will depend on the above, as well as the brand, model, comfort, design…

In general, you don’t usually find banks with storage cheap. A base one would be from 150 euros (and that it had a minimum of quality).

Where to buy?

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Source: Amazon

Once you have seen the most interesting factors that are even more important than the price itself, The next thing you have to do is know where to buy a garden bench with storage. As you know, there are many stores, so we want to contribute one more grain of sand to your decision by reviewing for you some of the main stores that are sought when someone wants to buy a bench with these characteristics.


Amazon has quite a few results when it comes to looking for a garden bench with storage. The problem is that not all the results are storage banks. Some are just benches or chairs. That means that you will have to filter to stay with the models that work for you.

As for the prices, we are not going to tell you that it is the most expensive, because there are stores that beat it, but some of their items do have high prices. In fact, if you compare using Google to find the same model on another site, the price may be lower.


At Ikea you will have a specific section of garden and outdoor benches. However, the truth is that among the 14 models that it offers you, only one could half fulfill the fact of being a bank and storage at the same time.

For the rest, you do not have other options with what in Ikea, unless in the physical stores they have something else, it will not help you much.

Leroy Merlin

With Leroy Merlin we have used the search box to give us all the available options. And although it has taken more than a hundred products from us, the truth is that, as in Ikea and Amazon, you will have to filter to really get the ones that work for you and meet the characteristics.

As for prices, you can find some models starting at 150 euros.


At Bricodepot you won’t be so lucky. We have searched in their search engine and in the categories, but they do not have a garden bench with storage.


In the case of Bauhaus, we recommend that you use the search box to find the three models that we have seen that they have and that would meet what you are looking for. However, the results that you will get will be many more. You will have to locate them by hand to find them.

Is it clear to you now which garden bench with storage you would like to buy?

How to buy a garden bench with storage

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