What do the yellow dots on the leaves mean?

The color of the leaves is one of the characteristics that most often attracts our attention, since green usually conveys a lot of peace and calm, as if it had the ability to transport us to a forest or a meadow, for example. When they are of other colors, as is the case with countless cultivars, such as the Colocasia ‘Black Magic’, which has beautiful dark lilac foliage, we may immediately wish to purchase them to break up a bit with the chromatic monotony that we have in the garden or in the backyard. But, What happens if we see that they have yellow dots on the leaves?

Well, this is often the symptom of a problem that can be serious, especially if it has been caused by pests. But it will not always be so. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is identify the cause, and from there make the best decision so that our plant is, or remains, beautiful.

So what are the causes and what do we have to do? Since there are several, to make the article easier to read, we are going to talk about them separately:

Natural (non-precipitate) aging of leaves

Yellow dots on leaves may be normal

This is the cause that should worry us the least. Leaves, as living organisms, have a limited life expectancy. For this reason, it is not necessary to think that because a plant is evergreen, it will not drop some… because this does not work like that.

Depending on the type of plant, the climate and the evolution it has had, there are species that renew them every yeareither little by little over the months -like all perennial leaves-, or they do it in parts: running out of leaves in summer or winter and renewing its crown when conditions improve -like deciduous leaves- ; and there are even others that renew them slowly but instead of doing it in the same year, they can do it after 3, 5 or more years -like many evergreen species that live in cold climates, such as the Long-lived pine-.

Therefore, if there is no other symptom than the yellow dots, we should not worry as long as it is losing its leaves at the right time for her. This is important to remember, because if she does it in the spring, for example, but she has to do it in the winter, then she has a problem.


What do the yellow dots on the leaves mean?

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