The best flowering indoor hanging plants for your home

Plants, like pets, can keep us company. They relax us, help us forget about stress and, incidentally, they brighten our day. So, how about a selection of flowering indoor hanging plants?

If you are looking for a flowering plant that is also hanging, and for indoors, here we propose several options that are not bad at all. Do you want to take a look at them?

lipstick plant


It is possible that by that name you will not find it in stores, but rather with that of Aeschynanthus (there are several types). It is a plant with green leaves (some are green and purple) that blooms with a showy flowerhence the name it has (because they have the shape of one).

This plant does not need to be outdoors, nor does it need direct sun; that is why it can be kept inside the house in a very bright place. Of course, it does not like air currents or temperature. And neither are the puddles. In return, it prefers humidity to watering.


It is possible that, within the flowering indoor hanging plants, you have not heard of columnae. They are really beautiful plants, so much so that they are called the “golden carp” because of the flowers they have, of the colors of gold carp fish.

The best known are the monalisa, magnificent and krakatau.

As for their care, they are tropical plants, so they will need extra humidity compared to other plants. Also sun, but not direct, but indirect. So to place it in the bathroom or kitchen, which are where there is more humidity, this will be perfect.


Another indoor hanging flowering plant, which has also captivated more than one, is the Tradescantia. As you know there are many types, and practically all of them flourish. These are little flowers, not very large, white or pink, that will attract attention (because when they grow fast they become very leafy and when they bloom they almost look like a bouquet).

As for care, we cannot tell you that it is delicate, because it is not. But you do have to give it what it needs so that it doesn’t start losing leaves, flowers and “going bald”. Now, if it happens to you, don’t throw it away, because it could reappear (it’s very resistant).

wax flower

You can love the Wax Flower, or you can hate it. There is no middle ground. These plants native to Asia and Australia are characterized by the fact that they produce flowers that seem to be made of wax (although this is not true).

They are quite resistant as long as their conditions are met: indirect lighting, temperatures between 18 and 25ºC and adequate watering without waterlogging that can cause the roots to rot.

With this plant where you should be more careful is in the winter. If it is too cold you will have to put it in a warm room since it suffers a lot from low temperatures.



One of the best known and used plants in Spain are geraniums. And maybe what you don’t know is that these can be pendants. Within the indoor hanging plants with flowers, geraniums will brighten up your day to dayespecially since they will offer you quite abundant flowering.

However, it needs much more sun than the previous ones, in the sense that it requires a few hours of direct sun. Beyond that, and controlling the watering, it won’t give you many more problems because it is one of the plants that tolerates almost everything.

christmas cacti

We continue with indoor flowering hanging plants to show you one that is very common to have at Christmas. This is the case of the Christmas cactus, or more specifically the Schlumbergera or Santa Teresa’s feather.

This cactus is one of the few that can be indoors since it only requires semi-shade. instead of direct light.

In addition, a trick that you should give yourself when watering this plant is that you always use warm (and not cold) water to prevent the roots of the plant from suffering.

Beyond that, the care is very basic and will not give you problems (unless you have pets and they try to eat it, because it is toxic to them).


If before we told you about geraniums as one of the well-known flowering indoor hanging plants, the same would happen to us with petunias, the most classic for summers.

Its flowers are trumpet-shaped, and can be pink, red, blue, or even bicolor.

As a hanging plant, it will take care of growing and creating beautiful cascades of flowers. Of course, it needs a lot, a lot of light, and in this case it is best that it be in full sun. It can withstand any high temperature, but with low temperatures it can die.

And as for irrigation, make it abundant and daily in summer, but without going too far.


Although the Verbena is a creeping plant, the truth is that it can also be kept as a pendant, creating beautiful cascades with bicolor flowers (pink and white).

It will need sun, but it tolerates semi-shade. (hence it is that you can have it inside the house). Don’t water it too much, but do check that the soil is moist. And, above all, be careful with the temperature because the sun does tolerate it well, but not the cold.

Begonia dragon wing

Within the begonias, one of the indoor hanging plants with flowers of this type is the dragon wing, characterized by red flowers that will cascade when hanging.

In fact, don’t be scared that it can grow up to a meter or a meter and a half. It needs very large pots for the roots to develop and yes, its aerial roots too. Good indirect lighting (because it doesn’t like the sun too much) and good watering to keep it nourished will be more than enough.

Diascia barbara

Diascia barbara

We continue with more hanging plants with flowers to offer you this other one, with a hanging habit, but which also serves as an upholstery. Its pink, red or purple flowers come out in spring.

It can adapt to semi-shade, but we recommend having it in full sun so that its flowering is normal (abundant). Otherwise he will hardly throw flowers at you.

queen earrings

And we finish the flowering indoor hanging plants with the latter. The Fuchsia is one of the hanging plants that will most attract your attention due to the flowers it producesin various shades of red, pink and purple (although many varieties can be found).

It requires a lot of water and a few hours of sun to be happy.

As you can see, there are many flowering indoor hanging plants that you could have at home. Do you recommend any that we have not mentioned?

The best flowering indoor hanging plants for your home

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