The best hooks for hanging pots you can buy

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There is nothing more beautiful than having plants at home, on the terrace, in the garden… However, sometimes the space on the floor is short and we have to look for other options to continue increasing our collection of plants.. Have you thought about buying hooks to hang pots?

If you had already considered it, or if not but now it seems interesting to you, know that you cannot be guided just because they are cheap. There are more things to keep in mind that are even more important and will prevent you from having a bad experience. How about you take a look at this buying guide to be safe in stores?

Best hooks for hanging pots

Best brands of hooks for hanging pots

Finding specific brands of pot hanger hooks is nearly impossible, because it is an accessory that is manufactured in a generalist way. For this reason, instead of talking about brands, we are going to recommend some places where you can buy them for their quality-price.


We start with Lidl because, from time to time, especially as spring approaches, it is common for it to bring accessories for the garden, among which makes the hooks for hanging pots available to its customers.

It is not that it gives a great variety, since it only has a few models, hopefully. But it does draw attention for the price and for the durability and quality of the product.


We recommend it because it is where you will find the most variety in terms of hooks, something that, in other stores, it is practically impossible to find. Only the following can rival this one in this product (and many others).


Lastly, AliExpress. In fact, some of the products you see on Amazon will be available on AliExpress, only their price may be the same or cheaper. The only “downside” of this store is the waiting time that it can take you.

Buying guide for hanging pot hooks

When we think about buying hooks to hang pots it is because we would love to have the plants hung on walls or in high areas, for example because they are hanging plants. Or because you’re running out of floor space.

The problem is that sometimes we think that they are worth anything, and this is not the case. In fact, it is the best way for your pot to fall and break from the weight of it. Or that it does not give stability.

Do you want to know what you have to pay attention to when buying hooks to hang pots? Pay attention.

Hook Types

When buying hooks to hang pots, you can find many types on the market and the choice will depend on where you want to use them. And it is that some will be more suitable for certain surfaces or even for the weight of the pot itself.

Thus, you can find the following:

  • ceiling: They are those that are installed on the ceiling with screws and have a hanger or a hook suspended in the air, which is where the pots are hung.
  • wall: In this case, instead of being screwed to the ceiling, it is made to the wall, having one or two arms to hang the pot. Another option is that they have a base to support that pot and that it does not move.
  • of railings: finally you would have some special hooks for the railings, for example of the balconies or the terraces. They allow placing a system to leave pots on top and that these do not pose a risk in the lower part (due to accidental falls).


Another very important point, and perhaps the most important, is the weight that the hook will support. And it is that the pots themselves weigh due to the land they have. But when calculating the weight of these you should do it when the pot is watered, since there you can see the real weight of the pot.

Once you know this, you should make sure that the hooks for hanging pots are suitable for that weight.


You already have the type of hook and the weight it will support. But in the market we can find hooks made of many different materials: iron, steel, aluminum, plastic.

What depends on choosing one or the other? Basically on the weight you have to bear. But we understand that you should also take care of the style or decoration that you have in your home so that it matches with it.


Finally, we have the price of the product. And although it is not a relatively expensive product, the truth is that it depends. You could find the cheapest and most basic ones for 5 euros or less. But those more elaborate, with style, and that meet a minimum of material and weight, could cost more than XX euros.

Where to buy?

accessory for the garden Source_Amazon


To finish, and help you throughout the purchase process, we wanted to see if the main stores where you buy online have this product. These are the stores that we have analyzed.


With more than 10,000 results (although, as always, you will have to filter to find out which ones work or not), it is the store where you will find the greatest variety of models, styles, designs and types.

Their prices are not bad, although in some cases, on products that you might think are Chineseyou could look at other stores to see if they would be cheaper (which they often are).

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find a wide variety of hooks to hang. But what you are looking for is specifically for pots, the search does not return any results.

Even so, among those that we do have available, some you can adapt to the pot you have. The prices are quite affordable (from one euro).


Despite the fact that at Ikea we have searched for the hooks to hang pots, this has given us a generic result.

Specifically pots we have not been able to find, but Some of the results could always be adapted.

Do you like to put hooks to hang pots on the walls? Is there any advice that you would like to leave for others?

The best hooks for hanging pots you can buy

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