Practical guide to buy motor pumps for the garden

When you have a garden and it is fairly large, or you need more specialized technology, motor pumps can be one of those important elements.

But, How to choose a motorized pump on the market and make the right purchase? If you have doubts and want to play it safe, how about we give you a hand? Take a look at the guide that we have prepared for you.

best pumps

Best motor pump brands

Next we talk about some brands of pumps that offer models whose quality and price is quite adjusted. Check it out.


Grupo Campeón, Campeón motors, or simply Campeón, is one of the brands that offers quality and service “at a fair price”. We are talking about a brand that has been on the market for several years and is well known and recognized among those who need motorized pumps.

It was founded in 1946 and they are currently manufacturers of 2T motors and motor pumps, as well as hydropneumatic pressure groups, generator sets and fire fighting.

They also distribute agricultural, forestry and gardening machinery of the brand itself, both in Spain and in many other countries.


Honda is known worldwide as one of the car and motorcycle companies. However, it also has a special branch based on home and garden products, where we can find motor pumps, gasoline-powered machines that will help you carry out some of the gardening activities.

Focusing on this case, the company offers industrial machinery for all the public that needs it.

Since 1978, which launched a line of products specialized in small machinery for leisure, agriculture, industry and gardening, offers high-quality items (such as Honda engines) at pocket-friendly prices.

Buying guide for pumps

Usually, motor pumps are not an item that is bought often. Not in a particular way either. But it may be the case. The problem is that, being a product about which little information is known, the purchase can go well for you, or it can be a complete failure.

Since we don’t want that to happen to you, you should keep in mind that while price is an important factor, it’s not the only one you should make your decision for. Actually, there are more factors that you should also take into account.

For example:

type of pump

In the market you will not find a single type, but many of them. There are water pumps, but they can also be for wastewater, fuel… This implies that you need to know what you need to be able to opt for one type of motorized pump or another.

Each one has its pros and cons, but above all they have a utility for a series of tasks or others.


Another factor to take into account when buying motor pumps is, without a doubt, the power that the engine will have. In case you don’t know, the power will be determined by two factors: On the one hand, the horsepower, which you can find with the initials HP; on the other, you have the kilowatts (kW), which also influences the power of that engine.

And which one is better? We could tell you that the one with those higher values ​​but that will imply that it will be more expensive (and it is something that you do not want to happen), so it will be the best one that adapts to doing the job and that does not cost you time or effort in it.


The capacity of the pumps is also important. In this case, it refers to the pump that is part of the motor pump and this is expressed in liters per minute, but you can also find it in cubic meters per hour.


There is no doubt that, with these elements, security must be maximum to avoid accidents that could be solved. Thus, having load protection, thermal protection, or avoiding domestic accidents will always give a plus to what you have to buy.


That is, if it is easy to move, if it is heavy… Most of these have a carrying handle as well as chairs so you don’t have to carry it; just drag it.


And finally, we come to the price, in which you will have to take into account the previous values, as well as others that can also influence: brand, quality, useful hope, opinions… to make the right decision.

In this sense We cannot tell you that motorized pumps are cheap, because they are not.. But you can find them for between 150 and 1000 euros.

Where to buy?

Where to buy Source_Amazon

Now you only have to make the decision of where you are going to buy some motor pumps, or at least one of them. We have looked at some of the usual stores where you often look. AND this is what you will find.


In the case of pumpsAlthough it is where you will find the most variety of the stores we have visitedIt is not that it has many models and brands either. Even so, among all the ones that it has, it is possible that you will find the one that you need or that meets all the characteristics that it must have.

Of course, the prices we have realized that some are somewhat cheaper than in other stores.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you will be able to find motorized pumps. It is not that they have a very extensive catalog, but at least you will have a few models to review in case they meet the needs you may have regarding this product.

As for prices, they are in line, although do not confuse motorized pumps with those water pumps that do not have a motor (they will appear in the same section, but they will differ in price and, obviously, in features).

Second hand

Finally, another option that you can consider, especially since it will be cheaper, is to buy a second-hand one. Yes indeed, In order for the play to go well, you have to make sure that it is in good condition so that it does not break after little use.

Now it’s up to you to make the final decision and get the pumps that best suit the needs and budget you have in hand.

Practical guide to buy motor pumps for the garden

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