How to buy a drainage mesh for artificial grass

In artificial grass installations, one of the first steps taken is to place a drainage mesh for artificial grass so that weeds do not grow and end up disfiguring the final appearance of that area.

However, in the market there are many and very varied, How to buy suitable artificial grass drainage mesh? What do you have to pay attention to? Where to buy it? If all the questions are in your head and you can’t decide on a specific mesh, after this article there may be a before and after.

Top 1. The best drainage mesh for artificial grass


  • It is ecological It has no herbicides or chemicals.
  • Breathable and UV resistant.
  • Weight of 17g/m2.


  • Very fine.
  • Poor quality.
  • It breaks easily.

Selection of drainage mesh for artificial grass

Below we show you other drainage meshes for artificial grass that you can consider and that its quality-price is not bad. This way you will have more options to choose from.

HUTHIM Anti-weed mesh

It is perhaps the smallest because they are only 2 meters x 5 meters (10m2). It is made of high quality non-woven fabric, permeable to air and water. Resists tears and UV rays. It is chemical free and installs very easily.

WOKKOL Anti-Weed Mesh

It has a thickness of 100g/m2 and is tear-resistant and permeable to both water and air.

It is easy to cut and install. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert at it. It can be applied to gardens, artificial grass, stone paths, driveways, greenhouses, gravel, seedbeds, etc.

Comes with anti-rust garden pegs and 4-piece washers.

VOUNOT Geotextile Fabric for Weed Control

This product measures 2 meters x 10 meters. This made of heavy polypropylene of 100 grams per square meterwhich makes it very resistant to breakage.

Due to its blocking of sunlight, it will prevent weeds from growing and it has demarcation lines that help drilling to place plants or for whatever is needed. It can be cut both with a knife and with scissors.

GardenGloss Tear Resistant Geotextile for Garden

It has a thickness of 100 grams/square meter and can be covered with mulch or heavy gravel. In this case, for artificial grass.

It is permeable to water and also UV stable. It is not made with harmful substances.

It is a roll of 1m x 75 meters. It is weather resistant, breathable and permeable to water, air and nutrients.

Blocks sunlight and prevents weeds from growing. As for its permeability, the mesh allows water to run through the area without penetrating inside.

Buying guide for a drainage mesh for artificial grass

There is no doubt that a drainage mesh for artificial grass is a fundamental element when laying this type of grass. Not only does it ensure that weeds grow and can move the lawn, but it also makes it firm and helps protect it from soil moisture (which would affect its durability).

Now, to buy one, it is first necessary to take into account certain important aspects that will help you get it right. What are these? We tell you below.


The first thing is the size. You cannot cover an area of ​​10 meters with 1 meter of mesh. This is logical. To do this, before buying, and above all, before comparing prices, you need to know how much fabric will you need to lay on the floor as a protection for artificial grass.

Within the size we could also tell you that the thickness of that mesh is very important. In the market you will find very different meshes in terms of thickness. Which one is the best? It depends a bit on the soil where you live. If it is made of stone, hard, acid… a coarse mesh would always be better than a fine one (especially because with the fine mesh weeds could break it (believe it or not, plants are also strong).


The next aspect is color. Actually, being a mesh that is placed between the ground and the grass, the truth is that it does not have to be seen (in fact, it should not) so the color is not usually a very important aspect. Now, many choose to use a green one so that, if there is thinning of the artificial grass, it does not look so bad. Others prefer the black color which is the most common.


And we come to the price. Here you must bear in mind that, depending on the meters you need, the total price will vary. Also according to the thickness of that fabric.

In general, you can find prices ranging from 15 to more than 100 euros (x square meters).

Where to buy?

buy drainage mesh for artificial grass

After reviewing a bit the keys to buy a drainage mesh for artificial grass, the next step to take is to know where to get it. The truth is that you have many options where to buy, from specialized stores to more general ones.

We have made a search of the two main stores in which this type of product is usually searched and this is what we consider.


It is perhaps the first choice because it is where you will find more variety. And it is that this store has not only products that are sold in Spain. but also those of external vendors.

Implying? Well, you have more to choose from, which means that you can find different meshes and even different designs, something that in physical stores is much more complicated to obtain.

Leroy Merlin

In this store there is a special section of accessories for artificial grass and in them you will find adhesives, aromas, joining tapes, spatulas and, of course, geotextile meshes. This is where you will see the different drainage meshes for artificial grass.

We cannot say that you have much to choose from, because the truth is that you do not. But it is not short either. With about 20 different items, you will find meshes with very different prices, but that will give you an idea of ​​what you should buy. Of course, they are not usually sold “personalized”, that is, with just the meters that you need, but you will have to buy as much product as meters you have. And one piece of advice that we give you is that you always buy more because that way you make sure that you reach every corner of the area where you want to lay the grass.

If it is already clear to you how to buy a drainage mesh for artificial grass, all you have to do is decide to carry it out in your garden. Artificial grass has many advantages, but do not forget that it can also have drawbacks or maintenance so that it is always in good condition. Have you already opted for your anti-weed mesh?

How to buy a drainage mesh for artificial grass

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