Care and cultivation of the Ficus

Ficus are very popular plants as indoor plants , or even in gardens in the form of hedges, as isolated specimens or even as bonsai. There are numerous varieties, and all of them have very decorative leaves. In addition, the fruit, the fig, is edible for many species, including humans.

Let us know more about them.

Ficus live in tropical and subtropical forests around the globe, reaching the Mediterranean . There are those that grow as trees, such as the Ficus robusta , or that grow as climbers, such as the Ficus benghalensis (better known as the Strangler Fig, originally from India).

Its maintenance and cultivation is as follows:

-As an indoor plant

  • Location: place the Ficus in a very bright room.
  • Watering: do not let the substrate dry up between waterings, taking care not to flood it.
  • Substrate: black peat, or black peat with fifty percent perlite.
  • Subscription: every 15 days from March to September (it can be paid in October if we live in a warm climate).

-As a garden plant

  • It should be placed in full sun, although it will tolerate semi-shade.
  • If we form it as a hedge, it can be pruned throughout the growing season, to maintain the shape we want.
  • Fertilizer: once a week from March to October, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    Important note: if we use it as a fruit tree, we must fertilize it with a specific fertilizer for this type of tree.

They are usually affected by aphids and cochineal, which can be eradicated using specific products.

There are many species of Ficus that need a lot of space to grow, being able to reach a height of six to seven meters and a width of five or six. Therefore, they should be planted in land that is spacious enough to be able to admire them in their fullness.

Care and cultivation of the Ficus

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