Discover the benefits of moss

One of the plants that are usually in many places , but that tend to be like ghosts, because they go unnoticed and that are very important and we don’t even take them into account, are mosses .

But when you start reading a little about Kokedama and bonsai , you realize that they are really very important. So today we are going to talk to you about moss so that you can learn a little more about the benefits of this small plant and think twice the next time you want to eliminate one of them from your garden.


  • 1 Benefits of moss
  • 2 types of moss
  • 3 Medicinal properties of moss

benefits of moss

moss benefits

The first thing we have to know is the importance of moss in the ecosystem , this plant is one of the most striking organisms because it is a simple plant that does not have conductive vessels, fruits or flowers , in addition to that it usually appears in shady areas and with enough humidity so that they can grow without problems.

Moss is an unknown plant that we do not get to give it the importance it deserves, this happens because we do not know the importance it has in the ecosystem and the consequences of completely eliminating it from its natural environment.

We must know that this is a small plant that seeks to balance the hydrological cycle that is generated in the area in which it is located, mainly thanks to its most important characteristic, that is, its water retention capacity . Depending on the type of moss, it is capable of capturing 300 times its weight in water, currently more than 15 thousand different species of moss are known .

This plant, in its natural habitat, is responsible for taking in water in the winter and keeping it for later releasing it in the summer, thus being able to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter and later become fertilizer.

It also has the ability to gather many nutrients in order to contribute to germination and the production of new seeds in order to create life in new spaces.

In addition to all this, it has the ability to support the soil and prevent erosion from occurring , this makes moss a very important element in nature. Now that we know this, you will surely want to use the benefits of moss in your garden , these are properties that benefit bonsai and Kokedama.

types of moss

We must mention in particular a type of moss that can help us a lot in our garden, this is sphangnum moss .

This type of moss, like all mosses, has a high porosity that means it can hold up to twenty times its own weight in water. But this is not only what makes it important, the most fascinating of all is its antibacterial power , this makes it a very resistant plant and it is used to help with diseases, rot and against pests.

This type of moss has many applications, in vertical gardens it is very useful due to its acoustic insulation, it is also used as a filter in company discharges, as a kind of substrate for plants, in terrariums and in many other things.

It has so many properties that it is usually eaten decomposed and combined with the soil in order to improve its properties, this is called peat moss .

medicinal properties of moss

moss properties

The moss also has medicinal properties , it is often used for ailments, it is used as ointments and in oils, improvements in tumors have also been studied by applying medicines that contain this plant.

Moss helps in metabolic processes, so it is important to take care of them and treat them delicately, as we can see they are more important for the ecosystem than we thought , because moss is a very good source of minerals , and they also help prevent flooding. and help in the hydrological cycle, not to mention their medical uses.

Maintaining nature is everyone’s job and it is our duty to maintain it so that future generations can enjoy it.

Discover the benefits of moss

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