How to grow asparagus

There are millions of vegetables in the world , but most people do not know even half of them, although there is one that is well known to all and this is asparagus.


  • 1 Grow asparagus
  • 2 male or female asparagus plants

grow asparagus

wild asparagus
Asparagus is one of the most sought-after vegetables in the world, because thanks to its mild flavor, it offers a real pleasure to its consumer for a short time, since this product only occurs in an exact season but it is surprisingly easy to harvest and thrives in well-drained soil or raised beds provided it is well fed and free of weeds.

For the asparagus to develop correctly you have to keep the bed where it is going to plant very carefully, instead of using a hoe it is recommended to use your hand because the deep roots are damaged very quickly , it is also recommended to cover at the end of Winterize the bottom of the bed with a weed-free compost to discourage weeds and retain existing moisture a little longer.

If possible, you should consider the possibility of covering the bed from autumn to winter covered with an opaque weed mat to avoid annual weeds that tend to germinate and in early spring it is recommended to apply one hundred grams per square meter of fertilizer , since if the growth of the plant is very weak, you should repeat this application when the harvest is ready.

To prevent the top of the growth from breaking off in windy weather you should use stakes and special garden string to be able to make a kind of fence on each side of the support row.

You need to allow the foliage of your asparagus plant to turn a yellow color in the fall before cutting it back to ground level, as you should in winter.

Male or female asparagus plants

male or female asparagus
Asparagus plants can be male or female, male plants have the ability to produce more and better quality , so many areas where asparagus is grown are full of pure male plants. If there is a female plant you can tell because it will produce orange or red berries and if you want to grow pure male plants you have to take care of eliminating any female silver that exists .

The asparagus plant usually grows best in an open and sunny place but it can tolerate a little shade, you don’t have to worry about the type of soil either, you just have to keep in mind that it must be well drained , have a pH of 6.5 or from 7.5.

It is also very important not to replant a crop bed of new asparagus together with old asparagus, so choose fresh soil to avoid disease build-up and before you start planting you should remove all old weeds and incorporate a bucket of organic matter, such as garden compost or farmyard manure in each square meter.

Asparagus can be grown from seed and in order to plant it you have to dig a trench a foot wide and eight inches deep and then place the crowns on top, spreading the roots out evenly, replacing the rest of the asparagus. ground and leaving the limbs barely visible.

You must leave 45 centimeters between them and stagger the plants between adjacent rows, then you put water on it and put it with five centimeters of manure or other organic matter. To harvest you have to cut the asparagus individually  with a knife below the ground and when they are no more than eight inches high.

How to grow asparagus

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