How to germinate a walnut

The walnut, with the scientific name Juglans regia , is a large fruit tree known both for its high-quality wood and for its fruit, the walnut, widely consumed in many countries. It is a tree that can grow to a large size and, contrary to what many people think, germinating one from a simple nut is very easy. […]

Venus flytrap care

The Venus flytrap is almost certainly the best known of the carnivorous plants in the world. Even among those who are less fond of botany or gardening, there is practically no one who does not think of one of these plants with the unmistakable toothed claws when it comes to carnivorous plants. It is a plant […]

Types of aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the plants with the most beneficial and medicinal properties that can be found in nature. The gelatinous substance that its leaves contain is healing, astringent and useful to prevent and treat a multitude of ailments. However, not all varieties of aloe are cultivated for this reason: some barely have some medicinal properties, […]

Forget-me-not plant care

The forget-me-nots are a whole genus of plants, the Myosotis , highly valued for their decorative value despite their small size. It is a very easy to care plant, so its charm adds to its resistance and low demand, being suitable for beginners or amateurs with little time. If you want to learn how to care for and […]

Types of sunflowers

The sunflower, with the scientific name Helianthus annuus , is one of the most striking and appreciated plants, both for its spectacular flower, which is actually an inflorescence, and for the oil and the seeds that are obtained from it, the sunflower seeds. It is an asteraceous plant that has its origin in Central and North America, but […]

Home remedies to eliminate the potato beetle

The potato beetle, with the scientific name Leptinotarsa ​​decemlineata , is a coleopteran insect that is very harmful to potatoes and other plants in its family. Its enormous capacity for reproduction and great voracity make it one of the most dangerous pests in the garden, which can leave our nightshades without a single leaf in a very short time. At first […]

Tepojal for plants: what it is, what it is for and how it is used

Tepojal or tepezil is a valuable ally in the care of plants of all kinds, as it provides numerous beneficial properties to the soil or substrate, making its composition much better for plants when mixed with normal soil. However, this valuable resource in the form of volcanic pomx stone is still unknown to many hobbyists. If you want […]

How to eliminate mosquitoes on plants

In tropical climates or with the arrival of the warm months in humid environments, it is very common for mosquitoes to appear in our gardens and terraces, and even on indoor plants. They can be common mosquitoes or, more commonly, so-called substrate flies or ground mosquitoes. This pest can negatively affect the health of the plant, […]

How to combat pests on succulents

Succulent plants are a great success among gardening enthusiasts, since they are species as diverse as they are beautiful, which also tend to be very undemanding in their care. However, pests are one of their worst enemies, and that is that they can be attacked by a multitude of insects. If you want to learn how to […]

Guzmania care

Guzmania is one of the most beautiful and particular indoor plants that we can find and that is very popular, in addition to its beauty, for its easy care. They are plants that you can buy in practically any florist or specialized store for very little money, as they are a great option to decorate an […]

Types of ferns

Would you like to have one of these peculiar plants in your home? Ferns are the oldest plants on the planet, more than 400 million years old, and they persist to this day. These plants that coexisted with dinosaurs continue to be an example of overcoming and adapting to the environment , which is why many consider them living […]

Perlite for plants: what is it, what is it for and how is it used

Perlite is one of the most useful materials to use in gardening, and practically any soil or substrate welcomes the addition of this light volcanic mineral. It is a very common and easy to find element, which is also not expensive. If you want to learn what perlite is for plant substrates, join us in this […]

Types of lilies

If what you are looking for is to know the different kinds of lilies that you have at your disposal because you are thinking of having some at home or simply out of curiosity, this article will be of great help. We have made a list with some of the most popular and striking varieties of lilies so that […]

How to prune a trunk from Brazil

The Dracaena fragrans , also called trunk Brazil, stick water stick happiness or brazilwood, is a very popular tropical plant for indoor cultivation. As its name indicates, it has its origin in Brazil, and its popularity is due to its striking vertical appearance, topped with showy and large leaves that are born in rosettes. The plant can reach heights of […]

How to plant geranium cuttings

Geraniums, which are actually a genus of plants with about 200 species and is called Pelargonium, are one of the most valued and popular flowering plants on balconies and terraces of all kinds when the warm months arrive. These plants, which are also not demanding in their care, are as striking as they are decorative and have another […]

How to clean plant leaves

Plants, especially indoor plants, are subject to the accumulation of dust and dirt that occurs naturally in almost all environments. In outdoor environments, the rain regularly cleans the leaves with its clean water, but this does not happen when we grow our plants indoors. Keeping them clean is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also an […]

Outdoor potted plants

Decorating the outdoor areas of a house is something that many people love to do, especially those who love gardening and decoration, as well as those who want to improve their own home by adding a touch of nature. To decorate exteriors such as patios, terraces and balconies, you must use flowerpots, which can accommodate a […]

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