Aerial plants: types, names and care

Air plants or tillandsias are one of the most curious types of plants, and every day they are used more in gardening and decoration thanks to the fact that, despite the fact that many of them are not demanding in their care, they tend to have very striking shapes and aesthetic. We recommend that, if you […]

Fertilizers and additives for growing marijuana: types and their use

To carry out a good marijuana cultivation, it is important to take into account both the needs of this plant, as well as the stage or phase of cultivation it is going through. Depending on these factors, one or other components will be needed for its optimal development, such as fertilizers for marijuana . Next, we talk […]

Hydroponic plants: types, list of examples and how to grow them

In this article called hydroponic plants: types, list of examples and how to grow them , you can learn everything about this topic. To begin with, we clarify that when we talk about hydroponic plants, we are actually referring not to a type of plants, but to a way of growing plants that can thrive very well with […]

Forest plants: what are they, types and names

You have probably heard or read the term forest plants or forest plantation , as they are found all over the world and have different types of climates and tree species. If you want to know what this term refers to, keep reading us in this article about forest plants, what they are, their characteristics, types and names of […]

How to water your plants on vacation

f you are one of the lucky ones who have prepared a vacation trip, we congratulate you, but have you already thought about what you are going to do with your plants? Being away from home for several days or even weeks can be a disaster for our plants since, depending on their species, being so […]

Corn pests and diseases and their control

Corn is a plant that has been cultivated for approximately 10,000 years by the indigenous peoples of central Mexico. It arrived in Europe in the seventeenth century and since then its cultivation and consumption have spread throughout the world. So much so, that it is the cereal with the highest volume of production in the world, […]

Planting melons: when and how to do it

The melon, whose scientific name is Cucumis melo , has been cultivated for more than 5000 years. This is because, although it is a fruit consumed throughout the world today, the melon is originally from Ancient Egypt, where it was already enjoyed in the III millennium BC. As you well know, it is a very popular fruit for […]

Potted lemon tree: how to plant it, care and diseases

The citrus x limon , usually called the lemon tree, is a fruit tree that we all know to a greater or lesser extent. Its popularity is due to its fruit, which is none other than lemon, highly appreciated in our cuisine for its acid taste and its fresh and intense aroma. Although the lemon tree is a […]

Chamomile plant: care and what it is for

Chamomile or common chamomile , with the scientific name Chamaemelum nobile , is an asteraceae that has its origin in Europe. It is a herb well known for its fragrance, its medicinal properties and its value in infusions, as well as being a very beautiful plant. If you want to learn what it is for and how to care for the chamomile plant to […]

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