Caring for the cineraria

The cinenaria is a very famous annual plant thanks to the beauty of its flowers and, above all, for its spectacular colors. It is similar to the daisy and can be in red, lilac, blue, purple or white, which gives a lot of life to any corner where you plant it. It has thick, heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges.

If you have it indoors you should try to prolong its flowering to the maximum, which is usually between December and May, and which usually lasts a month or six weeks, depending on the light, humidity, and temperature it has.

How to care for a cinerary plant

To get the most out of a cineraria you should give it the following care:

  • Apply a preventive treatment against aphids as it is one of the plants that attack the most.
  • When you buy it, make sure it has the buds about to open so that they look much better. You will know it because through them you will be able to see the color of the petals appear.
  • Every 10 or 15 days add a specific fertilizer for plants, which will favor flowering and make it last a little longer.
  • Put it in a ventilated, cool and well-lit place but where it does not receive direct sunlight.
  • To water it, it is best to do it directly with tap water , which you must first put in another container to let it rest and be warm before coming into contact with the plant.
  • It is not very good that it is constantly changing light or temperature, so change it if you see that there are going to be drastic changes in the place where it is.
  • If it rains, take it out to the terrace or to the window since the rainwater has properties that come in handy, but do not leave it for a long time as the change in temperature could spoil it.
  • It does not need any type of pruning since all the flowers wither at the same time.
  • If the leaves turn yellow it will be because it is exposed to cold air currents, although sometimes it can be due to a lack of irrigation.
  • Temperatures above 15ºC accelerate the death of the flowers, so try not to have it above that limit.
Cineraria Care - How to Care for a Cineraria Plant

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