How to make a vegetable garden with pallets

To be in tune with these times, the best thing is to take advantage of everything that we have around us in order to recover disused objects and adapt them to our needs spending little money.

Pallets have become essential pieces of many homes. You can find them on the street or in supermarkets and they have many uses. All it takes is a little ingenuity and some skill with your hands to reuse them in the garden, either to create rustic pots or to have a vegetable garden.

The elements

It is not necessary to have many elements to make a small garden with pallets . The first thing is to have three or four wooden pallets and then you will need a plastic mesh , another central element of our future garden.

In addition, it will be very useful to have some tools such as a hammer, a drill, a saw and a drill bit as well as some screws, sandpaper, a thick brush or brush and varnish.

Recycle pallets

Step by Step

The first thing you should do is disassemble the pallets very carefully. It is the hardest part of the job as disassembling them can take some time.

Once this task is finished, it is time to take sandpaper and pass it through the wooden slats and then varnish it with the brush. You can opt for a chemical varnish or an ecological one if you want the final product to be 100% natural.

Once the wood is ready, it is time to take the hammer and the screws to shape the orchard . You can do it however you like, either divided into sections or in a simple rectangular shape, using four strips for the walls and one wide or several strips for the base. If you want it to be tall, you will have to add four additional pieces of wood for the legs. Be careful with the screws and make sure the garden is very solid.

The last step to have the garden made with pallets ready is to place the plastic mesh, which must be on the base of the garden to prevent soil and water from coming into contact with the wood and damaging it.
Once the garden is ready, it is time to place the substrate and the plants that you like the most to enjoy organic products that grow in your own home.

Garden made with pallets
How to make a vegetable garden with pallets

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