How to care for a vine plant

What do you think if we talk about how to take care of a vine plant? They are ideal for covering walls or lattices… Can you imagine having your own arch with flowers of, for example, wisteria? Or climbing roses? You know, like the one seen in many romantic movies, but in the garden of your house.

But of course, to have them this beautiful they need some care that I am going to tell you about next.

Bougainvillea eglabra


As we said, they can grow on walls, arches, and even on roofs. But regardless of the species in question, that is, the climbing plant you have chosen, it is essential that you provide it with something so that it can grow and develop. Some – those that do not have tendrils, such as ivy or bougainvillea – will need more help than others; To do this, we will hold them with ropes or wires, leaving about 0.5cm between the stem and the support to prevent the wire from being introduced in the future as the stem thickens.


Whenever possible, it must be kept outdoors in full sun. There are species that can grow in semi-shaded places and even indoors, such as clematis, but if you have a garden, it is more recommended that they grow in it to be able to see it in all its splendor.


The frequency of irrigation will vary according to the climate, but in general it should be watered about three times a week in summer, and the rest of the year once or twice every 10-15 days.


It should be pruned whenever you want to control growth , towards the end of autumn or early spring. Prune everything you consider necessary; Sometimes, due to the rapid growth of some plants, many long stems of a meter or more are pruned. So don’t worry; If your climber needs a grooming session, go ahead.


Finally, tell you that if you have any doubts, get in touch with us. Happy weekend!

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