Christmas wreath with succulents

Christmas time is approaching and it is time to decorate the garden in red and green, take advantage of what nature gives us for the occasion.

But you can also use some of your plants to decorate the rest of the house. Let’s see this new idea, a Christmas garland made with succulents . To make it yourself you only need a few items and a little skill with your hands.

The first thing is to get a 10-inch thick ring of moss and a variety of succulents, choosing the ones that you like the most and are attractive to the eye. In addition, some pins to hold the plants.

succulents garland
succulents garland

The first thing is to separate the small leaves of the succulents from the plant and then make a small hole in the ring using a sharp element. The next step is to insert the succulent plant in the hole and this is where everything is left to the imagination and creativity because you choose how to integrate the plants, which ones to place and in which places, since this operation must be repeated throughout the ring.

succulents garland

In the case of having longer succulents , you must hold them with the pins so that they do not fall due to the weight. Once you’ve laid out all the succulents, you can neaten up the garland using gardening shears.

And the last step is to hang the garland in the place that you like the most.

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