Lentils in your garden, secrets to learn how to grow them

Lentils are highly recommended for anemia, during pregnancy and in children’s recipes due to their important contribution of iron. Ready to prepare a tasty winter dish? Let’s start knowing the characteristics of this crop.

The lentil is a very old crop whose origins date back to Iraq and then spread to neighboring countries such as Greece and Bulgaria to finally reach Europe and America.

Its scientific name is Lens esculenta and it belongs to the Fabaceae or Papilonaceae family. It is a temperate climate crop that should be sown at the end of autumn or winter, taking advantage of the rainy season. Although today the lentil adapts to different climates due to the existing genetic variability, it is a winter crop whose optimum temperature for its growth is between 6 to 28ºC.

As for the soil, it prefers those that are deep, moist and with abundant organic matter. Waterlogged soils rot the plant. To sow, you have to make a hole and spread the seeds to a depth of 5 cm and then cover it and water it gently. The plant withstands drought and is nourished by the rains, but its condition must still be checked in case it needs regular watering so that the soil is not too dry. that appear at the edges of the leaves.

It is recommended to remove the weeds in order to favor the development of the plant and take care of your specimens from possible invaders. The most common are aphids, fungi and weevils.

Lentils in your garden, secrets to learn how to grow them

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