The best kept secret of Bonsai

There are many people who want to know how bonsai is cared for, that is, how and when it is wired, how it is pruned and fertilized, what pests affect it and how they can be prevented,… It is essential to know the answers to all these questions , since that otherwise the tree would most likely die in a short time.

But I’m going to ask you a question: do you know how he takes care of you? The answer to this question is the best kept secret of Bonsai. A mystery that makes this Art one of the most unique therapies against stress.

Berber Bonsai

Taking care of a Bonsai requires time and a lot of patience . There are no “express bonsai”, those that are supposed to be done in just one year, no. Although it is a miniature tree, it is still a plant whose genes tell it how to grow and at what rate depending on the season. If you want to enter this world you must know these cycles , some cycles that will also help you to be more relaxed.

And it is that this world receives the influence of Zen philosophy, so much so that those who work trees to turn them into works of art seek spiritual peace. And they get it. Why? Well, when you are focused on something, and also on something you like, you don’t think about anything else. For a moment, you stop worrying about the future and focus on what is in front of you: your future bonsai. By doing so, with the passing of days, you feel much better .

Eurya Bonsai

And to all this we must add that it is a plant, a little piece of nature. Who would not like to have something to remember them by? Green is very relaxing. It is not easy to work a tree, but considering how beneficial it is, it is worth giving yourself a chance and living more peacefully.

The best kept secret of Bonsai

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