How to control mites on trees

Mites are very small insects, so small that it is often difficult to see them. However, they can cause significant damage to plants; also in the trees, especially if the environment is hot and dry.

Although it may seem the opposite at first, we can do several things to avoid it. Let’s see how to control mites in trees .


What are the symptoms or damage of mites in trees?

Potted spider mite

Mites, in addition to being very small, multiply very quickly, which is a serious problem since the symptoms or damage they can cause can become significant. For all these reasons, it is necessary that we observe our trees daily in order to identify the pest as soon as possible .

So, if we see any of these symptoms or damage, we can be sure that they are being attacked by these insects:

  • Spots on the leaves , being somewhat lighter on the upper side than on the lower side.
  • Yellowing and/or swelling of/in the leaves.
  • Malformed fruits .
  • The flowers abort and fall off.
  • Appearance of cobwebs .

What to do to control and/or combat them?

plastic sprayer

If we have mites in the trees we can do several things:

ecological remedies

  • Yellow Sticky Traps – These are placed near the plants so that the mites, which love the color yellow, cannot resist the temptation to go towards them. Once they come into contact they will stick together.
  • Garlic : we boil two liters of water with a crushed head of garlic and then leave it to macerate for 8 to 12 hours. Then, we strain it and fill a spray bottle with the resulting liquid and then spray the leaves with it.
  • Dry nettles : we collect 100 grams and put them to boil in 1l of water. When it has cooled down, we fill a spray bottle and treat the trees.
  • Onion skin : we cut it and spread it around the trees.

chemical remedies

If the plague is very advanced, the ideal is to use chemical insecticides such as Binapacryl or Methoate . Of course, it is important to wear gloves and a mask, in addition to following the instructions specified on the packaging to the letter.

All in all, we no longer have to worry about mites.

How to control mites on trees

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