What to do when they give us a bonsai

You have been given a bonsai. And now that? Now… it’s time to contemplate its beauty, but also to read about its care . The beginner’s mistake that we all tend to make – among which I include myself – is to want to do things that he does not need at that time, such as pruning, wiring, or transplanting.

We have many doubts as soon as we receive it, and it is normal. However, we have to be aware that it is very important to be patient, otherwise we could end up throwing it into the compost heap. To avoid this, I am going to tell you what to do when we are given a bonsai.


  • 1 Is it indoor or outdoor?
  • 2 Choose the right location
  • 3 Observe it and water it when necessary

Is it indoor or outdoor?

Although there is no bonsai -nor, in fact, any indoor plant-, it is necessary to see if it has the label or says somewhere ‘Indoor Bonsai’ because if so, we will have to pamper it more than one that “is” outdoor. . If you still have doubts, you should know that, in general, Serissa, Ficus and Carmona are labeled as indoor bonsai , and elms , maples , beeches , conifers, etc. , as outdoor bonsai.

Choose the right location

indoor bonsai

If you have been given an indoor bonsai, ideally you should have it in a room with plenty of natural light , away from drafts (both cold and warm).

outdoor bonsai

If you have been given an outdoor bonsai, it is better to have it outside , in semi-shade, since otherwise it will not survive.

Observe it and water it when necessary

During the first year, all you have to do is keep it alive, that is, you have to water it three or four times a week in summer and every 3-4 days the rest of the year , and keep an eye on it to make sure everything is going well. right.

If you really want to prune it, I recommend that you simply cut back those branches that are growing excessively, getting out of the style that you already have defined, at any time of the year. Use scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol.

maple bonsai
What to do when they give us a bonsai

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