What is foliar fertilizer

Who else knows the least about the fertilizers that are given to plants through a watering can, but did you know that there are also foliar fertilizers? These are very interesting products that allow us to have crops whose leaves will be very healthy.

They are especially useful when there is a significant mineral deficiency and we want to correct it as quickly as possible, so do not hesitate to purchase one whenever you need it. Below we will explain what foliar fertilizer is and why it can be very useful to us.

Foliar fertilization is a technique used to correct nutritional deficiencies in plants. For example, we can use it for acidophilic plants , since they usually have many problems of iron chlorosis (lack of iron). To do this, we would only have to acquire a foliar fertilizer rich in iron and spray the leaves. By doing so, the product will enter the plant cells , penetrating the cuticle/epidermis of the leaves in order to access them.

These types of products are formulated with complexes of one or more amino acids . Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins; without them, the body could not produce hormones, coenzymes, or really anything. When plants are under or over watered and/or fertilized, and/or planted in unsuitable soil, amino acid production is reduced.

Lack of iron in the leaves

Foliar fertilizers are very interesting products, since they are very quickly effective . The leaves are able to absorb the nutrients they need thanks to them, so it is very common to see results within a few days of use. Of course, it is very important to follow the instructions specified in the product packaging to eliminate the risk of overdose. Also, we have to keep in mind that the foliar fertilizer is a complement to the subscriber.

Did you know what foliar fertilizers were? Have you ever used them?

What is foliar fertilizer

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