What plants to put in a teenage room?

green plants boost morale

It has been proven that green plants boost morale and contribute to a feeling of general well-being, even in bedrooms.

But just by saying the word “Green plant«, The adolescent you have at home has already shouted aloud and frankly, it is not seen watering a begonia in their lair, but fortunately there are not only begonias in life and these 6 plants should seduce your teens.

6 plants to offer a teenager according to their personality

A carnivorous plant in Max’s room

A carnivorous plant in Max's room

This plant is not just any green plant, it is a real shredding machine. With its hideous serrated jaws that only beg to close with the first fly to land on it, the carnivorous plant It seems to come out of a science fiction comic strip or video game.

And if Max is lucky enough watch her catch an insectyou should quickly adopt this strange plant and enjoy watering it regularly with demineralized waterwhile making sure your atmosphere stays moist thanks to its super spray gun.

The good news is that you won’t have to feed this carnivorous plant With flies, it does very well on its own.

For Pedro 13 years old, an aquatic terrarium

For Pedro 13 years old, an aquatic terrarium

At 13 years old, Pedro has many other things to think about besides water your flowers And it is something that we understand and is that being a dreamer, he prefers to get into his bubble and imagine stories. With a beautiful aquatic terrarium at your desk, you can keep dreaming without having to use the shower and you will love it.

Just place a aquarium plant in a large jar with tap water, close it and find a bright place for it, as simple as that.

For 16-year-old Louis, a cactus that stings

cactus flowers Echinopsis oxygona

At 16, Louis is also overwhelmed by many other thoughts besides the green plants.

But if you offer him a beautiful cactuscan be very sensitive to the charm of this exotic plantthorny and why not say it, also a little phallic. A beautiful cactus can even set the tone for your own wall art and tell the visitors not to bother them, if they don’t want him to nail his thorns on them.

How good is it? That this plant has the good taste of require very little watering and survive many negligence.

For 16-year-old Carmen, a purple oxalys

For 16-year-old Carmen, a purple oxalys

At 16, Carmen is a lot more sensitive to its decoration and environmentBut there is no doubt that you will have the same green plants in your bedroom as in the living room. The purple oxalys they can, on the other hand, seduce her with their large lucky clover leaves and its intense color, both feminine and original.

With a pretty planter, this plant that features a very strong personalityyou will be able to follow it for a long time.

For Heloise 13 years, a Hoya kerrii

For Heloise 13 years, a Hoya kerrii

Shortly after her childhood, Heloise still has her stuffed animals on her bed and Hello Kitty stickers stuck in her notebooks and it’s if she had to draw her favorite green plantit would surely have the shape of a heart. And that is good, since this plant exists and we are sure that it will easily find its place on the bedside table.

This plant can be purchased at florists or garden centersespecially during Valentine’s Day. And if Heloise takes good care of her by keeping the slightly moist soilyour plant can grow into a beautiful plant with many heart shaped leaves.

For Diego, 13, a Mimosa

For Diego, 13, a Mimosa

It’s official, Diego prefers animals rather than plants, because he likes to play with them while plants seem reluctant to interact with itso surprise him with this strange plant, which retracts when touched.

Indeed, it is enough to caress her gently and the Mimosa can be closed in a few seconds, something that will catch your eye.

What plants to put in a teenage room?

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