Steps to Transplant a Vine

As we saw previously, it is important to carry out the transplant procedureespecially if, for example, the creeper is in the way, if we want to place another plant in its place, if we have to carry out some kind of work in that place, etc. Instead of cutting the plant and throwing it away, what we will do is transplant it, to take advantage of it and preserve it. It is for this reason that today we bring you the pasos to carry out the correct transplant of your climbing plant.

Before digging, it is important that you make sure that the soil is slightly damp. I recommend that you water your plant with enough water the day before the transplant so that it is humid enough so that the transplant is easier to carry out. It is very important that you make a important pruning to reduce the length of the branches and be able to unload the entire crown of the creeper.

Then, you must open a trench with the hoe, trying to surround the plant, and little by little go deeper inwards, until we achieve that the root ball is loose. It is important that you keep in mind that to make the root ball you have two options: If the climber is small, you can wrap the root ball with a hard plastic, a tarp or another element of this type. It is important that the root ball does not break so you must tie it very well. If, on the other hand, the climber is large, you will have to make a plaster cast of the root ball, that is, wrap the root ball with a metallic cloth to which you must apply plaster. This is done since as the plant is larger, the most likely is that the root ball will crumble and what we want is to keep it firm and hard, so that it does not break.

Once you have prepared the root ball, it is time to transfer it to the site, where you will plant the plant by making a hole mixing the soil with organic compost. Do not forget that you must water the plant at the moment it begins to sprout, since at that moment after transplanting it finds the root system weak and damaged.

Steps to Transplant a Vine

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