Tips to recover dry plants

When we return from vacation, we find many of our plants with symptoms of dryness. What can we do to recover dry plants?

It is clear that the best treatment is prevention, try to avoid it by applying a few simple tricks and techniques to take care of the garden while you are away. But if it has not been possible or if even so, some plant has dried up, we recommend some care for their speedy recovery.

The usual thing in a dry plant is that many of the leaves are detached, and the rest are limp. Will be the dry substratewith hardly any weight and detached from the perimeter of the pot. Should this occur, we should gently shake the plant to eliminate dry leaves and almost detached.

Subsequently, we must immerse the pot in a basin of water without compost. Never fertilize the plant when it is dry. We must leave for a few 10 minutes let the soil soak up and regain a suitable volume. In this process, the substrate must also acquire its volume and its normal weight. The plant must be wetted on top to promote its hydration.

Once this time has passed, we will remove the plant and leave it drain For a while.

If the plant is in an illuminated area, it is best to remove it to a place more protected from lightgiving him time to recover his root system. Once the turgor of the plant is recovered, it is put back in the usual place.

During the following weeks it is common for some leaves to fall and even the tips of some branches to dry out. It is time to analyze what is happening and keep the plant properly watered.

From the second week we must prune damaged branches and pay as was done on a regular basis.

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Source: Infoflower

Tips to recover dry plants

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