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Our Orchids They have the most elegant and spectacular flowers. Many of them are reminiscent of different forms of animals: like butterflies, birds or even monkeys. Native to the tropics, some like the Phalenopsis live by clinging to tree branches, while there are others that prefer to live on dry land.

Because they are very sensitive to cold, orchids in winter will need special care to be able to stay.


The minimum “comfort” temperature that these beautiful flowers endure is 10 degrees Celsius. Once this is known, if we live in a cold climate we should have it indoors. But where? The most important thing is to keep it away from drafts, especially if they are cool, as they could damage the leaves.

We should not be concerned that it does not want to flourish. In fact, the energy you have in these months should be spent just to stay alivewhich translates into having the leaves and roots in perfect condition. But if our orchid blooms, that will be the consequence of a suitable environmental climate for it, and we will not cut the flower stem.

phalaenopsis maki

Irrigation during these dates will be -more- scarce than in the other seasons of the yearsince an excess of humidity can lead to the appearance of fungi and then the plant would be seriously affected. We must also bear in mind that it is not necessary to pay it; We can do this from spring with a specific fertilizer for orchids. To avoid fungi, every time we water we must throw away the water that has remained in the dish, since it does not like to have the water puddled in its roots.

Because it needs high ambient humidity we can have it in the bathroom if a lot of light enters this room. Another way to get humidity is by placing other plants and / or glasses of water around it.

As soon as the temperatures improve again, our orchid will resume its growth and will dazzle us again with its wonderful flowers.

Orchid care in winter | Gardening On

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