Types of palm trees with thorns


Usually when you go to buy a plant you expect it to be harmless to both garden visitors and yourself, but the reality is that there are several types of palm trees with thorns that are very very pretty.

Some are well known, but others are sure to blow your mind . Discover them.

Acanthophoenix rubra

It is a tropical palm (and therefore sensitive to cold) native to the Mauritius, Rodrigues and La Reunion islands that grows to a height of 12 meters. Its trunk remains slim, with a thickness of no more than 18cm in diameter. Its crown is made up of pinnate leaves up to 3 meters long, whose leaflets emerge from a red rachis. Its peculiarity? Both the rachis and the trunk are well armed with spines 4-5cm in length.

acrocomia aculeata

Known as the wine palm, grugru or Paraguayan nut, it is a palm native to Mesoamerica. It reaches a height of between 13 and 20 meters, with a crown diameter of 3 to 4,5m, which is made up of pinnate leaves up to 3,5m long. Its trunk has straight and strong spines up to 15cm long. Do you want it? You can have it in your garden if the temperature does not drop below -1ºC .

Astrocarium winged

This beautiful palm native to Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia reaches a height of 4-6 meters. Its leaves are long, up to 7 meters, pinnate. It is a plant with which you have to be very careful, since its trunk is covered with large stingers, up to 25cm long, black in color. It can be grown in mild climates, without frost, and indoors.

livistona saree

This palm with palmate leaves is native to Asia. It reaches a height of up to 40 meters, with a trunk diameter of 65cm. Its petioles are endowed with curved spines up to 5cm along the margins.. Unlike those we have seen so far, it is able to withstand the cold as long as the temperature does not drop below -3ºC.

Phoenix dactylifera

The date palm, native to Southwest Asia, is a fast-growing plant that reaches a height of up to 30 meters, with a trunk thickness of 20 to 50cm. The leaves are pinnate, curved, and grow up to 5m in length. Are they are well armed with thorns more or less long up to 10cm and sharpso we must be alert when we go to pick the dates. It resists without problems frosts down to -6ºC.

Do you know other palm trees that have thorns?

Types of palm trees with thorns

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