What is vine tinder and how is it controlled?

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As much as we want to avoid it, unfortunately our plants throughout their lives will be affected by various pests and will have to overcome the odd disease. While many of these problems can be solved, there are others that will give us more of a headache, such as the tender comes.

This is a disease that can appear in both hot and temperate climates, which can kill crops very quickly. Therefore, it is very important to know what it is, the symptoms and damage it produces and how it is controlled.

What is vine tinder?

It is a parasitic disease caused by fungi Steerus shaggy Per Y Phellinus igniarius Fr., which penetrate the wood through pruning wounds. Once inside, it multiplies and spreads very quickly, so much so that the affected plant can die in as little as ten days.

It has two ways of attacking, depending on the temperatures. One is slow, when the fungi infect the vine in spring or autumn, and the other is fast or stroke, which is when they infect in summer.

What are the symptoms and damage it produces?

  • In the slow way: the symptoms usually begin in full bloom or in summer, and are: appearance of internervial discolorations and on the edges of the leaves, which turn yellowish in the white and reddish varieties in the inks that converge and dry in the center . The leaves end up falling.
  • In the fast way: the leaves turn grayish green in a very few days. In the end, they also end up falling.

Also, if the trunk is cut, yellow wood can be seen in the center, surrounded by a dark wood area and a healthy wood ring.

How is it controlled?

Vine cultivation

vine cultivation

At the moment, there is no effective chemical treatment. But there are some things that can be done to control and prevent this disease.:

  • Clean and disinfect pruning tools before and after use.
  • Cover large pruning wounds with healing paste.
  • Burn the pruning debris.
  • Prune affected plants last.

We hope this article has been useful to you and you can have some well-protected vine strains .

What is vine tinder and how is it controlled?

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