Which is better: buy plants or seeds?

Sowing seeds in a pot

Sow seeds in a pot

Gardening is a wonderful art, from which you can learn a lot from almost every day. See plants grow, how their leaves, stems and flowers develop, how they get stronger as they adapt to the environment, how they fight for pollinating insects to carry their pollen from one petal to another, and how they finally produce the seeds that will start a new generation, it is, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience.

But when you’re in a bit of a rush to have a great garden or vegetable patch, you often choose to purchase grown plants. And it is that, who would not like to be able to enjoy the beauty of their particular paradise in the shortest possible time? Even so, if you have doubts about it, I will try to solve them right now. Find out if it is better to buy seeds or plants .

Take care of the seeds, an unforgettable memory

Seeds sown in a tray

Seeds sown in tray

The seeds they are a wonderful work of nature. Inside they contain all the genetic material necessary for a plant to grow and reach adulthood, being a slightly improved version of its parents. Nevertheless, they are very vulnerable. The mushrooms often they kill them in a matter of a few days, so it is very necessary to treat them with fungicides at least once a week to avoid this.

Also, so that no problems arise the seedbed must be placed in the exposure required by the plant in questionbecause if they are sown indoors and then when they germinate they are passed outside in direct sunlight, they will burn. Too a substrate that has good drainage should be usedOtherwise, it would remain wet for too long, which could rot the seeds.

All in all, take care of the seeds it is a very demanding task. You have to be very aware of watering, fungi and the sun. But this makes us feel more attached to them, which is why I recommend sowing whenever you have time.

Overgrown plants, when the worst is over

Hydrangea plant in bloom

hydrangea plant in bloom

Plants that are sold grown have passed the most critical stage of any plant being: the childhood. By having definitive blades, they can carry out the photosynthesis. Thus, they can grow normally while becoming stronger. Although now they might have other enemies like the aphids, The mealybugs or trips, among othersWith proper treatment you help them get rid of them.

The price is much higher than that of the seeds (an envelope of these can cost 1 or 2 euros, and an adult specimen of, for example, hydrangea costs about 6-7 euros), but when grown they are used to decorate the garden or to plant directly in the garden.

Which is better: buy seeds or plants?

Fruits of the Ardisia crenata plant

Fruits of the Ardisia crenata plant

It depends on several things:

  • In the rush we have to have a vegetable garden or garden.
  • From our experience in growing plants.
  • Of the time we have to take care of them.
  • Of the space that we have available.
  • From our budget.

So, with all that we have discussed, each one has their own answer. Which is yours?

Which is better: buy plants or seeds?

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