Use of eggshells in gardening

eggshells in gardening

Surely when you use eggs in the kitchen you throw the shells in the trash thinking that they are waste without any use. However, if you have a garden, you cannot imagine the uses and facilities that these eggshells can bring you.

Besides just the garden, Eggshells have many other uses in the home and for health than you can imagine. Today we are going to focus on the uses of eggshells that we can use for our garden. Do you want to know them?

Reduce pests in your garden

Surely you did not think that a few simple eggshells could help deter some pests in your garden. Especially soft-bodied animals, such as slugs or snails, it prevents them from entering your plants. These animals will “trip” over the sharp pieces of eggshells.

If we place the pieces of the eggshells around the plants and flowers in your garden, they can be safe from these squishy predators.

They help with the seedlings

If you are planting some flowers in a pot or garden, you can use the eggshells to help the plants grow.

Calcium supply for plants

eggshells in compost

eggshells in the compost

If you are thinking of generating a good quality compost to fertilize your plants without the need for chemical fertilizers, add eggshells to your compost pile. Although eggshells take longer to degrade than other organic matter, it will add a large amount of calcium to your compost that plants need to absorb them and be well nourished.

Eggshells contain 93% calcium carbonate and 1% nitrogenalong with other nutrients necessary for the soil. Peppers and tomatoes are two plants that are very vulnerable to a lack of calcium. To alleviate this problem, we can provide the necessary amount of calcium in two ways: either by adding the eggshells to our compost and pouring them directly into the soil where the plant is grown. To promote the absorption of calcium, it is better to crush the peels to make them lighter.

As you can see, eggshells are not useless at all, but on the contrary, they perform important functions in our garden and the most important of all is that it is natural.

Use of eggshells in gardening

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