Water pear: what variety is it, properties and season

One of the seasonal fruits that we like the most are, without a doubt, the water pears. However, today in greengrocers and supermarkets many varieties have been appearing with the tagline ‘water pears’ without actually being considered as such. Do you know which one is the real one? Do you want to know more about […]

Myriophyllum aquaticum, a very invasive aquatic plant

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Marie-Lan Nguyen The world of aquatic or semi-aquatic plants is very broad: there are some that are very decorative and easy to grow, and there are others that are tremendously invasive. One of the latter is the species Myriophyllum aquaticuma grass of a beautiful green color. Its growth rate is […]

Do plants feel pain? We will tell you!

Plants and animals are living beings that function in very different ways: while the former transform the sun’s energy into food, the others cannot do that but we do have the ability to move from one place to another. Our lifestyle differs so much from that of plant beings, that it is logical that we […]

How to choose the bonsai pot?

A bonsai is a great little work of art where both the worked plant and its pot combine so well that they make any of us want to have such a jewel at home. But we do not always give the importance of the complement that protects the roots of our project. When we go […]

How to buy large outdoor planters

When spring arrives, it is normal for those who love the garden to get down to work to check the plants, see those that are already in bloom, check if they need transplants and, also, buy large outdoor planters to change them. If you are looking for this product, it is possible that the price […]

What are the main invasive plants in Spain?

Humans tend to take a clone or seeds of plants that we liked, often without thinking about the possible consequences that this seemingly innocent gesture can have in our area. Thus, it is not surprising that there are many, and more and more, invasive plants that inhabit territories that do not belong to them. All […]

Why do plant leaves turn red?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Jorge Franganillo How come some plants turn red when fall comes? And why are there others who do it at other times of the year? The truth is that the reason will depend a lot on the season in which we find ourselves, and on the state of health of […]

How is the texture of a soil determined?

To grow certain plants we usually worry a lot about the weather. “Will they endure the high summer temperatures? Will they endure frosts? Will they be able to live only with the rain?” This is something completely normal, not in vain, plant beings depend a lot on the climate to be able to adapt or […]

Properties and benefits of the kola nut (Cola acuminata)

You may not know cola nut. By the name it will have reminded you of a product used worldwide, Coca Cola. And it is that this nut is used as one of the key ingredients of this soft drink consumed throughout the world. Its scientific name is Cola acuminate And it not only works for […]

Traditional agriculture: what it is, characteristics and performance

As the world’s population grows at an accelerated rate, so does a greater demand for food. In order to optimize crop production, the advancement of technology has played a fundamental role in this feat. In order to satisfy the demand for food, agriculture has had to evolve during the last decades. Therefore, the traditional agriculture […]

Cabbage cultivation and benefits | Gardening On

The cabbage It is the most widely used cabbage variety worldwide. We know it by this common cabbage name, but also as murcian cabbage, red cabbage, smooth cabbage, and even cheese cabbage. Its scientific name is brassica oleracea there. Capitata ssp. sunrise. It belongs to the same family as purple cauliflower and they keep some […]

Paspalum notatum: characteristics, uses, cultivation and care

We are going to talk about a species native to the natural fields of Uruguay and that serves as a recovery species for degraded natural fields. Its about Paspalum. It is also used as a very useful grass against places with a high level of drought and that requires little maintenance. It belongs to the […]

Sheep manure, characteristics and uses in plant compost

Manure is one of the best waste materials to obtain compost for plants due to its chemical properties, including its low inorganic nitrogen content. Its use in the land fertilization It is very old and always with the purpose of giving use to livestock waste and restoring nutrients to arable land. It also contains moderate […]

Winter Vegetables: Which To Harvest And Grow, Tips For Planting Them

When the coldest season of the year arrives, winter, we are more exposed to catch diseases and catch colds. A good way to combat this risk and improve our immune system is by eating winter vegetables. Not only are they beneficial to our health, but they are cheaper than out-of-season vegetables and do not harm […]

How to eliminate ants? | Gardening On

Ants are insects that normally do not cause damage to plants but sometimes we will have to keep their population under control, especially if we have had or are having problems with aphids. For this we can use both homemade products and insecticides bought in a nursery or garden store. But, How to eliminate ants […]

Profile of the Pyrus bourgaeana or wild pear

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Bourgaeana In the Mediterranean forest we can find a deciduous tree that turns out to have great ornamental value: the Bourgaean Pyrus. That name may not sound familiar to you, so you should know that it is called wild pear or pyrutane. Being native… where it comes from , where […]

Yellow watermelon: characteristics, properties and price

There is no doubt that, in greengrocers, from time to time we can find some fruits and vegetables that catch our attention because they are out of the norm. And not because they are new and we have never seen them; but because they can give a twist to those we know. That is what […]

Do plants sleep? | Gardening On

Animals need sleep in order to regain the energy they have lost during their period of activity. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t take long for them to be weak and / or sick. But, What about plant beings? Do they also rest? Wondering if plants sleep is fascinating, since the answer you will get will […]

Find out what are the symptoms and treatment of erinosis

Image – Flickr / Ferran Turmo Gort Plants can be affected by large numbers of insects that become pests, and microorganisms that cause many diseases. One of them is known as erinosisand it is one of the most problematic in vine crops. Knowing her will be very practicalsince this way you will know what the […]

How to add liquid fertilizer to plants

When you have a home garden with some crops, the question of when and how it is best to fertilize always arises. Fertilizer is a compound that helps the growth of plants to improve their development and quality. One of the most widely used fertilizers is liquid fertilizer. However, many people do not know how […]

Rosemary Bonsai Care Guide | Gardening On

Image – avanzionebonsai.blogspot.com Would you like to know how to care for a rosemary bonsai? The truth is that, of all the Mediterranean plants that exist, this is one of the most appropriate to work as a tree, since it has relatively small leaves, flexible branches and a growth rate that is neither very fast […]

Cortaderia Selloana: characteristics and uses

In many gardens and parks in the warm or subtropical areas of the world, it is common to find very tall grass, with what looks like feather dusters at the top of each stem. The Cortaderia Selloana It is a very easy plant to grow, in fact, it spreads so easily and quickly that it […]

Bonsai Curiosities | Gardening On

Bonsai are miniature trees or shrubs that are patiently and respectfully worked they can perfectly imitate any tree or shrub that we find in nature. These wonders were created so that humans could relax without even leaving the home, and boy did they succeed. Even the samurai, after each fight, spent time taking care of […]

Romaine Lettuce Growing Guide | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Hungda The Romaine lettuce It is one of the most cultivated herbaceous plants in orchards and flowerpots. Its maintenance is very simple, since it does not need much to grow well and produce healthy leaves… and delicious . So if you want to know everything about her and her needs, […]

What is the plum tree like and what care does it require?

The plum is a fruit tree that, although it is not the fastest growing, it does it is one of those that produces a greater number of fruitscalled plums, which have an exquisite flavor. But it must also be said that it is a very decorative tree. When it blooms in spring, the white of […]

How to plant a carob tree: the best tips and tricks

The carob tree is one of the best known trees in Spain. Carobs are traded for gastronomic purposes and are in good demand. The cultivation of the carob tree is not too complicated, but it requires some fundamental aspects so that the fruits have the maximum yield. plant a carob tree It is a simple […]

Grow a fig tree in the garden

Every day the number of people who use the garden of their house to grow different fruit treesamong them stands out a very popular one that is used by many, mainly for its fruits, this is the fig tree. This is a tree that does not need much care, you just have to choose carefully […]

How to care for an Acer palmatum bonsai?

Image – Wikimedia / Cliff from Arlington, Virginia, USA Did you just get a bonsai from Maple palmate or do you plan to acquire one soon? In that case, you need to know what the cultivation needs of this species aresince although when the climate is favorable it is not too difficult to take care […]

What is and what is the manual plow?

When you plan to cultivate in the land it is important to proceed with the manual plow before planting anything, even before even buying the plants, since that is the most effective way to get an aerated soil that will allow the roots to spread easily. But What exactly is the manual plow of the […]

Why do plants need light?

Without the light from the sun no form of life could exist. The plants that we know and all those that once inhabited the Earth, evolved from a bacterium that was capable of using solar energy to make food. This process, over time, would not only help them to survive and grow, but also allow […]

Varieties of apples | Gardening On

The apple is one of the most consumed fruits. Thanks to all its benefits, there are many who have it as a “predilection” when consuming a fruit. However, not many know the varieties of apples that there is beyond what you can see in the supermarkets to greengrocers. Therefore, today we are going to discuss […]

Characteristics of the chenopodiaceae | Gardening On

Atriplex polycarpaImage – Flickr / Bill & Mark Bell In the world there are a large number of types of plants, so much so that in order to classify them and know how to recognize them, humanity has had the need to create names that identify them. One of those is chenopodiaceaewhich refers to about […]

Plantation agriculture: characteristics, objectives and technology

Agriculture varies according to the economy of a country. We find that in underdeveloped countries there is debate between various types of agriculture that are opposite to each other and even contradictory. On the one hand, we have the traditional agriculture and, on the other hand, the plantation agriculture. Traditional agriculture is one that provides […]

Zucchini and its types of varieties

What is zucchini? Zucchini are the fruits of a variety of zucchini which occurs in summer. It has a smooth texture with a sweet taste, being the ideal food in diets because it only provides twenty calories per cup. What are the types of zucchini? These are going to vary depending on the shape have […]

Characteristics of the legume plant

The legume plant it is one of the most important for humans. This is so much the case that its fruits have been the basis of our diet for millennia, and even today without them, the healthy diet would be quite poor. But as if that were not enough, and although it is hard to […]

How plants grow: Birth and phases

The most curious of you may have ever wondered how plants grow How is it possible that a tiny sprout ends up growing a tree several meters high? Although the answer may seem simple, there are many processes and factors that influence this plant development to take place. So that you can better understand everything […]

Orange pests: The most common pests and how to fight them

Within the citrus family, the orange tree is without a doubt the most popular fruit tree, along with the lemon tree. The production of this vegetable can be very numerous, as long as the conditions are appropriate. As for its fruits, oranges, are widely used throughout the world, whether for cooking, making juices, eating them […]

Japanese plum: characteristics and care

Image-Flickr/Ashitaka The japanese plum It is a tree that has it all: it is very ornamental, easy to care for and, if that weren’t enough, it produces edible fruits. In addition, over time it gives very good shade, and is perfect for temperate-cold climate gardens. If you want to know everything about him, then I […]

Different types and care in urban gardens

Nature has the virtue of offering us many benefits. Much of these, we can find them in the plant worldin which plants offer us endless elements suitable for human consumption, which in turn, offer the consumer multiple benefits from a nutritional point of view. From simple edible leaveseven the most exotic fruits, plants today constitute […]

Caring for Calystegia sepium, a beautiful flower climber

Image – Flickr / Andreas Rockstein The plant known by the scientific name Calystegia of hedges It is a relatively small, vivacious climber that produces impressive pure white flowers. Its growth rate is quite fast and it is also evergreen, so it will not be difficult for you to have a very special corner with […]

What are the characteristics of plants?

Plants are living beings that do what no one else can do: transform the sun’s energy into food. This process, called photosynthesis, is exclusive to plant beings. No animal is capable of doing it, and perhaps that is why they are so special. Without them, there would be no life on Earth, or at least […]

How do you care for yew bonsai?

Yew bonsai is one of the most beautiful, but also more difficult to care for since although it resists intense frosts, the drought causes many problems. In addition, you have to take into account a series of things so that you do not get sick; things that I will tell you next. If you want […]

How to repel the red bug?

The red bug it is an insect that multiplies so rapidly that it can reach pest status very quickly if no action is taken. It is especially active during the warm months of the year, which also usually coincide with the driest (or less rainy) season. But What can we do so that they don’t […]

Properties and cultivation of snow peas

Many will ask,what are snow peas? These are small vegetables from the pea family, which occur in deep green pods and that they have quite small seeds unlike peas whose seeds are more developed, being what is consumed from this. They are originally from the Mediterranean and Asian basin and these are vegetables of very […]

Sowing zucchini: how, when, recommendations and maintenance

When we have our own home garden we must choose which crops to plant. One of the most demanded and cultivated in home gardens is zucchini. Sowing zucchini can be somewhat complicated if you do not know the guidelines to do it correctly. These are annual herbaceous plants that belong to the cucurbitaceae family like […]

How does the yellow spider affect plants and how is it combated?

Image – sercopag.com There are many pests that can affect plants, so everyone who grows them must keep in mind that, at least once a year, an unwanted insect will be found on the leaves, flowers and/or fruits. Focusing on the species typical of orchards and gardens, one of the most harmful is the yellow […]

What types of greenhouse plastic are there?

With the arrival of the cold we have to take protective measures if we grow tropical plants if we live in areas where the temperature drops too low. One of those things we can do is shelter for them using greenhouse plastic. This is a material that, although it is very similar to that used […]

Biotope: what it is, differences with biocenosis and examples

The world of ecology and biodiversity are strongly related and are studied through the type of biotope. The biotope is frequently confused with the biocenosis since they are quite broad and disparate factors. When the biotope and biocoenosis are combined they encompass the entire biosphere. In this article we are going to tell you what […]

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